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  • WIthout Frame "Glass-Glass" thinfilm panel
  • Tandem structure with an amorphous and a microcrystalline silicon layer offering a stabilised module efficiency of 9.6 %.
  • Use of white glass, encapsulation material, weather protection film and a newly designed silver anodised aluminium frame for long-term use. This guarantees simple and safe installation.
  • Higher energy yields per watt at high temperatures.
  • Output: connection cable with waterproof plug connector.
  • Optimised for grid-connected roof mounting PV systems


Without Frame " Glass-Glass" solar photovoltaic thinfilm panel.


Nominal Output (Wp)135
Module Efficiency (%)9.6
Weight (kg)26

Physial Dimensions

Cell typeTandem structure of amorphous and micro-crystalline silicon cell
Dimensions (LxHxW) (mm)1402x1001x46

Electrical Characteristics

Open Circuit voltage Voc (V)61.3
Short circuit current Isc (A)3.41
Maximum power voltage Vpm (V)47.0
Maximum power current Ipm (A)2.88
System Voltage (V DC)1000

Thermal coefficients and characteristics

αPm (%/°C)-0.24
αIsc (%/°C)0.07
αVoc (%/°C)-0.30
Operating temperature (°C)-40 to +90
Storage temperature (°C)-40 to +90
Storage air humidity (%)up to 90