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Back to the 80s: Boombox GX-M10H

With its stylish design,  distinctive appearance and its powerful bass, the Sharp Boombox brings back the positive lifestyle feeling of the 80's. An uncompromising bass-driven sound, lighting effects in the bass beat and versatile connectivity options, the GX-M10H is the perfect musical companion in an urban, retro-style design! Whether you're at a barbecue with friends in the park, relaxing at home, or using it as your music box at a party, the GX-M10H Boombox has wide ranging applications to meet every requirement.

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With a centrally located docking port, your iPhone or iPod can be connected directly.  As a result, the Sharp Boombox plays your favourite music and charges the device  simultaneously. Thanks to the front-mounted USB 2.0 port  other audio sources, e.g. MP3 players, USB sticks and iPads, can easily be connected to the GX-M10H. The integrated MP3/WMA compatible CD player and the built-in RDS FM digital tuner offer alternative sources for unlimited music pleasure.


The included shoulder strap, battery operation, and a 12V socket allow portable music playback Your guitar and/or microphone can both be connected to the Boombox' rear connections, where their volume can be controlled individually.