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„Kein Pardon – The Musical“ by Hape Kerkeling: The stage is set for the professional monitors from Sharp!

With the use of professional monitors from Sharp, the new musical “Kein Pardon” by Hape Kerkeling not only regales audiences with some old popular favourites but also pushes back the limits of creative stage design: production company Mehr! Entertainment has installed 25 Sharp PN E601 displays on the proscenium arch of Dusseldorf’s Capitol Theatre, evoking an old television set of the sixties as the perfect setting for this TV satire that already enjoys cult status in Germany. Since the show’s premiere on 12th November 2011, the Sharp monitors have been thoroughly convincing, both by their outstanding performance in continuous operation and by their unique robustness – even when the  characters dance and wave merrily on them for the popular final song “All Life is a Quiz Show” (“Das ganze Leben ist ein Quiz”).

The Sharp monitors PN-E601 provide the ideal setting for the scenery of the musical.
From the Starlight Express theatre in Bochum via the Musical Dome in Cologne to the Admiralspalast in Berlin, production company Mehr! Entertainment puts on worldwide hit musicals and other major shows at six renowned theatre venues in different parts of Germany. “We insist on high levels of creativity and quality for our top-class live entertainment events all over Germany. An exceptional, multi-digital stage design is just as much a part of that as music and spotlights,” is how Maik Klokow, manager of Mehr! Entertainment, explains his recipe for success, which has again been put into practice in the company’s own latest production “Kein Pardon – Das Musical” at the Capitol theatre in Dusseldorf. For the creative multimedia staging of the legendary German TV show “Witzigkeit kennt keine Grenzen” from Hape Kerkeling’s original movie in 1993, Mehr! Entertainment is relying mainly on Sharp professional monitors: a total of 25 PN-E601 60-inch monitors, i.e. with a diagonal screen size of more than 150 centimetres, provide a fitting framework for this satire of television that has now achieved cult status in Germany.

Strict requirements for material and technology

The moveable bridge of Sharp monitors is even used as a dance surface by the actors in one scene.
The choice of Sharp professional monitors was already rapidly taken during the planning stage: “Our demands on material and technology are extremely high, because we put on 8 shows every week. We cannot afford any failures. In searching for the appropriate equipment, we therefore looked into several manufacturers and devices – but only Sharp was able to convince us at every turn. One of the main reasons was their offer of comprehensive on-site support and an unmatched price-performance ratio,” adds Klokow. In addition to outstanding performance with full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the Sharp PN-E601 model scored particularly highly due to its extreme robustness and long service life. After all, these monitors leave the factory designed for non-stop operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. “Despite the exceptionally high performance and robustness of this monitor system, we have been able to achieve considerable reductions in the weight of the screens. As a result, they are now even more versatile and adaptable to different applications, and they are even easier to install than ever before,” explains Nikolaus Haas, Product Manager Sports & Events at Sharp Europe. Another key feature for the makers of “Kein Pardon” was that the monitors used had to be able to withstand considerable movement. After all, the monitors are even used in one scene as a dance surface by the characters. “It is always a special moment when the side towers and bridge of Sharp monitors are retracted, and our artists begin to dance on the bridge. You can invariably hear a gasp and murmur running through the audience,” reports Klokow, delighted by the set design consisting of Sharp monitors.

The Sharp Digital Signage System in the foyer of the Capitol Theater serves as catering signage as well as digital direction system.

Das Sharp Digital Signage System im Foyer des Capitol Theaters dient der Gastronomiebeschilderung und als Wegeleitsystems.
From the first number to the last, despite the video sequences constantly running in the background, none of the 17 live songs or any of the numerous intermediate scenes are disrupted by extraneous noise. The reason for this pure and undiluted musical pleasure on the stage of the Capitol theatre is that the Sharp PN-E601 model functions entirely without fan, thereby guaranteeing noise free operation of the 25 monitors. “This feature is a real advantage: we have to remember that the people sitting in the front rows have also come to hear the music, not the humming and whirring of the screens,” comments Klokow. The Sharp monitors also blend perfectly into the visual design of the set: the narrow housing frame fits the picture exactly, reducing distracting edge borders to a minimum. However, for Mehr! Entertainment boss Klokow, these features are not the only reasons why these professional monitors from Sharp provide the ideal solution: “The support service of the entire Sharp team is also genuinely unique. All our requirements and wishes are rapidly and easily implemented. In addition, the on-site training of our stagehands was extremely helpful,” says a more than satisfied Klokow. “Our aim is always to listen precisely to the requirements of our customers and to develop customised solutions for their individual needs. For us, the provision of comprehensive on-site support is just a natural part of that service,” adds Haas. There can be no doubt that Mehr! Entertainment boss Klokow would happily repeat his choice for Sharp professional monitors again and again. For 2012 and subsequent years, he is already planning to expand cooperation with Sharp as key multimedia partner for the Mehr! Entertainment group. Creative, high quality stage design is a demand at each venue.
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