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For the whole family.

Salmon fillet with tortellini and cheese sauce, steamed fruit for dessert.

Today we will show you how to whip up a full family menu without having to juggle with different pans: salmon with a pumpkin crust, on fresh tortellini. With dessert: steamed honeyed fruit with a bourbon and vanilla ice cream.

Ingredients for the salmon, tortellini, vegetables and sauce

Serves 4

600g salmon fillet, fresh
500g fresh tortellini
20 g olive oil
40g onion
40g mushrooms
5g cornflour
20 g milk
100 g cream
100g cream cheese
10g pumpkin seeds
30g snow peas, chopped
6g salt
3g black pepper
1g chilli


Cut the salmon fillet in 3 cm wide slices and place in a steam tray. Season with salt and pepper and place the tortellini next to it and place both in the AX-1100 Steamwave on the lower position  and steam for approx. 13 minutes at 90 °C. In the meantime, heat the olive oil in a pan. Add the onions and diced mushrooms and brown, add the cornflour and cook together. Deglaze with the cream and milk, cook for 3 minutes and add the snow peas. Season with pepper, chilli and salt to taste. Arrange the salmon and the tortellini on the plate, and sprinkle over the sauce.

Ingredients for the steamed fruit

Serves 4

350g fruit, such as seasonal fruit
60g honey
200g bourbon and vanilla ice cream


Place the prepared and cut fruit in a non-perforated cooking container, drizzle with honey and place in the Sharp steam oven's upper position and steam for approx. 13 minutes at 90 °C. Then arrange with the vanilla ice cream and serve.

Tip: As the flavours do not mix with the steam, the main course and the dessert can be steamed in the AX-1100 at the same time.

Steam cooking: simply delicious!

Interview with kitchen expert and wholefood gourmet chef Thomas Stöhr.

“You will be surprised how easily and effectively steam cooking with the AX-1100 works. Preparing crunchy vegetables and flaky, buttery fish filets for up to 4 people simultaneously without the taste of one of the foods being transferred to the other? Of course. Steam cooking is a true alternative to pep up your meal planning and yourself."

What's for dinner today?

Serve up a real feast for your family.

But isn't easy to cook for the family. You need a varied menu to please everyone. Easier said than done, especially for working mums and dads.

Cooking, stirring, frying, turning... To cook for the family, you need pots, pans, time and the right timing for the different foods to make sure you don't burn or overcook anything. Or a Sharp 3in1 steam oven with a 900 Watt microwave and 1050 watt grill. With this, you can steam your food neatly and tidily, instead of swinging pans.

The 18 pre-programmed steaming and defrosting automatic programmes will help you put delicious menus on the table. With crispy vegetables, with nutritious rice, fish, meat or poultry instead of depleted and bland ingredients. You will even rediscover some foods entirely with their natural flavours retained by steaming. What's more, the smart 3in1 device concept has easy to clean stainless steel oven cavity and dishwasher safe steam trays included. You'll be surprised at how easy, delicious, health and versatile steaming with the AX-1100 is.

Try it. We have researched, found and cooked the right recipe for every situation.

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Smart everyday life. Smart Kitchen.

It doesn’t matter whether you have to manage a family, a job, your education or your cholesterol level. The AX-1100 is a true allround-talent for optimising your everyday life. See for yourself.