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For gourmets.

Surf and Turf.

Do you enjoy cooking and eating? Then you're in the right place. With the following dish, we'll show you how you can satisfy even the highest gourmet standards with the Sharp steam oven. Welcome to Surf & Turf: Prawns with fillet steak on a wasabi and celery potato mash.


(serves 4)

600 g fillet steak
40 g olive oil
400 g jumbo prawns, Black Tiger
500 g potatoes (floury)
200 g celery
350 g vegetables (beans, sweet corn, carrots, kohlrabi)
130 g milk
90 g cream
40 g Butter
20 g Wasabi
6g Salt
3g black pepper
1g chilli
1g nutmeg


Wash the potatoes. Peel the celery and cut into slices. Place both in a steam basket in the upper tier and steam in the Sharp steam oven for 20 minutes at 100 °C.

Coat the fillet steak with olive oil, season with salt, chilli and pepper and place on the Steamwave's middle tier with the prawns. Steam for around 50 minutes at 85 °C together with the potatoes and the celery.

 Prepare the vegetables (wash, clean, slice) and 20 minutes later (remaining time for fillet: 30 minutes) place them on the plate over the potatoes (upper position, position 3).

Heat the milk, cream, butter, salt pepper and nutmeg in a pan. Peel the potatoes and mash with the celery. Incorporate the milk and cream mixture with the wasabi in the potato celery mash.

Sear the fillet steak on all three sides and keep warm. Then sear the jumbo prawns in the same pan.

Cut the meat and arrange with the prawns, the vegetables and the celery-potato mash.

Tip: Prepare a sauce from the juices in the glass plate with sweated onion and cornflour.

Steam cooking: simply delicious!

Interview with kitchen expert and wholefood gourmet chef Thomas Stöhr.

“You will be surprised how easily and effectively steam cooking with the AX-1100 works. Preparing crunchy vegetables and flaky, buttery fish filets for up to 4 people simultaneously without the taste of one of the foods being transferred to the other? Of course. Steam cooking is a true alternative to pep up your meal planning and yourself."

A feast for all the senses.

It isn't just professionals who swear by the gentle steam method.

Just like steaming, "haute cuisine" also has a long tradition: while the principle of steaming was developed thousands of years ago in ancient China, haute cuisine has its roots in 18th Century France. And its following continues to grow, including amongst 21st century amateur cooks.

If you appreciate select fresh ingredients to creatively prepare in your kitchen, then the gentle steam method of the Steamwave AX will open up a new high-quality taste experience for you. With the pure and gentle steam, the high-quality ingredients will retain their almost forgotten natural flavours. Simply enjoy the natural aromas. Also, the steam temperature (from 70 ºC to 100 ºC) can be adjusted to different foods. With regard to retaining the form and colour of ingredients, this method used in professional kitchens is a clearly visible advantage compared to traditional cooking. Just delicious! Try it. We have researched and cooked the right recipe for every situation.
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It doesn’t matter whether you have to manage a family, a job, your education or your cholesterol level. The AX-1100 is a true allround-talent for optimising your everyday life. See for yourself.