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Just for me

Couscous and smoked salmon balls with a green salad and buttermilk and tomato dressing

Nourishment can be more than "just" indulgence. This nutritious recipe provides the optimal balance between flavour, health and convenience. Couscous and smoked salmon balls with a colourful salad and buttermilk dressing. This will give you such a boost that you will still feel that vitality the next day.

Ingredients for the couscous and smoked salmon balls

Serves 1

30 g couscous
70 g low fat curd cheese 0.5%
30 g crème fraîche
40 g smoked salmon, diced
20 g egg yolk (1 egg yolk ~ 20g)
20 g cherry tomatoes, quartered
1g salt
1g black pepper
8g rocket, finely chopped


Mix the couscous with the curd cheese, crème fraîche, smoked salmon, egg yolk and seasoning, make 4 small balls and steam these in the Sharp steam oven, on lower position at 100 °C for 10 minutes. In the meantime, mix the ingredients for the dip and season generously.
Then prepare the green salad and mix with the dressing. Arrange the steamed salmon balls with salad and curcuma dip and serve.

Steam cooking: simply delicious!

Interview with kitchen expert and wholefood gourmet chef Thomas Stöhr.

“You will be surprised how easily and effectively steam cooking with the AX-1100 works. Preparing crunchy vegetables and flaky, buttery fish filets for up to 4 people simultaneously without the taste of one of the foods being transferred to the other? Of course. Steam cooking is a true alternative to pep up your meal planning and yourself."

Ingredients for the green salad with buttermilk and tomato dressing

Serves 1

10g sunflower seeds, roasted, whole
40g frisee lettuce
40g lollo rosso
10g radicchio
50g buttermilk, 0.5%
10g cream, 30%
8g tomato paste
1g salt
1g black pepper


Brown in the sunflower seeds. Dressing: Mix the buttermilk with the cream and the tomato paste to a smooth consistency. Season with rock salt and pepper. Clean, wash and dry the leaf salad and cut into mouth-sized pieces. Mix with the dressing and arrange on the plate. Spread sunflower seeds over the salad.

You are what you eat.

Nourishment can be more than just indulgence.

You are one of those people who take care of their body, watch out for vitamins and nutritional values when shopping and demand more than "just" indulgence from food. All well and good. But it is often difficult to satisfy this demand for nutrition on an everyday basis. Lack of time forces you to make more compromises.

This is where the AX-1100 steam oven by Sharp comes in. It provides the optimal balance between flavour, health and convenience. In the steam oven, your food is gently steamed and does not come into direct contact with water as with traditional methods of cooking. Water-soluble vitamins therefore remain in the food to the greatest extent and do not run off and get thrown away with the cooking water. This is demonstrably healthier.*
The AX-1100 scores against traditional cooking in preparation too. Since flavours do not mix when steaming, you can prepare different foods on two layers at the same time. So, if you want to manage your vitamin levels after work and your workout, use the AX-1100.

Try it? We have researched and cooked the right recipe for every situation.

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Smart everyday life. Smart Kitchen.

It doesn’t matter whether you have to manage a family, a job, your education or your cholesterol level. The AX-1100 is a true allround-talent for optimising your everyday life. See for yourself.