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Meeting the experts: Sharp Solar on Tour

The current debates and events constantly raise new questions relating to the issue of energy and the environment. Barbara Rudek, Manager Governmental Policy Affairs at Sharp Solar, is travelling round Europe and meeting the experts and key players in the industry to gather exciting views on the issue of solar energy for you!

How do things really stand with photovoltaics in Europe? What opportunities and potentials are offered by photovoltaics, and what risks is solar technology facing on its successful campaign through Europe?

This is what Sharp would like to find out from market researchers, politicians, business representatives and investors. And, above all, what solutions, models and ideas are available to enable our solar energy provision to be implemented in future?

Sharp is an active player and contributor. There’s no dodging the issue!

Meeting Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber of Fraunhofer ISE at Intersolar 2011

8th June 2011

The Intersolar is the world’s biggest trade fair for solar energy and a meeting-point for everybody dealing with the sun as energy source.
As kick-off, I meet Prof. Dr. Eicke Weber. He has a doctorate in physics and worked as professor for material sciences at Berkely University/California for 23 years. Since he came back to Germany in 2006 he is Director of Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.
What potential do the different solar module technologies have and which market will replace Germany as the leader in solar energy? The “world’s best solar researcher” – how the German manager magazin entitles him – gives us insight.

PV from investors point of view - Felix Holz of Deutsche Bank AG

17th May 2011

Today, I am in Wrexham, UK. In this factory, Sharp produces solar modules for the European market since 2004, at the moment with a daily outcome of 8,800 modules. But is photovoltaic still attractive from investors perspective? How do companies have to adapt their business structure to be able to stay successful? Felix Holz has answers to these questions. As head of the Greentech team he evaluates investments and tells us about the current prognosis of the Deutsche Bank AG for photovoltaics.



Interview with Dr. Henning Wicht of market researcher isuppli

10th May 2011

Today, I meet Dr. Henning Wicht in Hamburg. As senior director and principal analyst at isupply, one of the leading market research institutes, he is responsible for the photovoltaic section. He is an expert when it comes to the evaluation of the European solar markets and to give an overview of market capacities today and tomorrow. Is the current debate just a hype or a discussion of substance? How does the nuclear face-out 2022 affect the photovoltaic? How will the photovoltaic industry develop within the next years? Please join us while Mr. Wicht answers this and other exciting questions - just click and learn!