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Solar Europe Map

Do you know how much solar energy is already being used in Europe?

No? Don’t worry. The important thing is that our continent as a whole offers an enormous solar energy potential. What is unbelievable, however, is that not even 1% of this huge energy potential is being properly exploited. We can’t allow this state of affairs to continue.

It is evident that of all renewable energy sources it is solar that offers very special properties: for example, the highest energy density and the safest energy technology.

Europe is a sunny continent, and Sharp has the sun in its heart – an unbeatable combination!

Take a look for yourself by simply clicking on one of the activated countries:

• This is the capacity of the installed solar modules in some countries in Europe
• And this is the capacity of the installed Sharp solar modules

Our conclusion from this:
Solar energy has a major role to play in our future energy provision. Photovoltaics already represents a key pillar of our long-term energy provision. It currently supplies the needs of over three million households. Last year alone, solar power plants with a power output of 7400 megawatts were connected to the German electricity network.

2010 was an extremely successful year for photovoltaics with record growth yet again: approximately 17.5 gigawatts of new installations went on stream, with around a half of this in Germany alone.