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Höheinöd (district Südwestpfalz), Rhineland-Palatinate / Germany

The German energy provider PFALZWERKE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT has expanded its solar energy capacity for south-western Pfalz with its new PV power plant in Höheinöd.
Here, 16,575 microamorphous Sharp PV-modules produce enough electricity to provide for an average of 560 four-person households. With an overall output of over 2.1 megawatts, it can also save 1,218 tons of CO2 each year. The solar park was built by EUROSOL GmbH.
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Leibertingen (district of Sigmaringen), Baden-Württemberg / Germany

EnBW Erneuerbare Energien GmbH, a subsidiary of the German power provider EnBW, has constructed its first solar power plant in partnership with Sharp.
The 2.1 megawatt plant makes use of
over 17,000 Sharp thin-film modules, which were installed at a former soil landfill in just 11 weeks.
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The freefield system in Viernau has a total power output of 1,6 MW and has been installed with thinfilm modules of Sharp.
Planning and installation: Solarpark Rodenäs.


Triptis (Thüringen) / Germany

PV-Installation on the roof of Company Fliegl. 4.008 Sharp Thinfilm Modules (NA-851) with a total power of 340 KWp generate circa 5 times the energy needed in the Production Hall. Planning and installation by AEP Energie-Consult GmbH (Gera)

Soccer Stadium 1. FSV Mainz 05

This monocrystalline PV-installation has a total power output of 240.84 kilowattspeak and was installed by JUWI. There were used 1,248 SHARP modules of the type NU-SOE3E (180 wattspeak). It has a module surface of 1,800 square meters and a total energy yield of approx. 215,000 kWh per year.

This PV-system reduces the CO2 emissions by approx. 150 t per year!
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Sigma (Neustadt) / Germany

The PV-installation in Neustadt has a total power of  75,6 KWp and was installed by Eurosol with 840 Sharp Thinfilm modules (NA-901).


Waffensen / Germany

The reference installation in Waffensen has a power of  6,8 KWp and was realised by Osmer Solartechnik. This installation was done with thin film modules (NA-851) of Sharp. 

Bad Wimpfen / Germany

The Thinfilm installation in Bad Wimpfen has a total performance of 5.04 kWp and was installed with thin film modules (NA-901) of Sharp by the company Sol Technics solution.


Valencia / Spain

This Poolhouse in Spain is also powered by photovoltaic modules (NT-175E1) of Sharp. The installation has an output of 5 KWp and was realised by Prosolia.

Flums (Switzerland)

The Solar tracking system in Switzerland has an installed power of 70 KWp and was realised by Solar Wings AG.
This installation was done with monocrystalline modules (NU-235) of Sharp.
Copyright Solar Wings AG.


Blender / Germany

The Thinfilm Installation in Blender has a performance of 3,78 KWp and was realised by Osmer Solartechnik. This installaion was done with thinfilm modules (NA-901) of Sharp.

Albacete / Spain

This project in Spain has a total power of 1,5 MW and was installed by Prosolia with monocrystalline modules (NU180E1) of Sharp.

Sandanski / Bulgaria

This project in Bulgaria has an output of 106.4 KWp and was realised by SunEnergy Europe with mono-crystalline modules (175 Wp) of Sharp.


Salzburg Airport / Austria

The Salzburg Airport trusts in Photovoltaik modules of Sharp. This installation has a total performance of 350 KWp and was realised by NET (Neue Energie Technik).  

Waste disposal site (Fürth) / Germany

The former waste disposal site in Fürth has been transformed into a solar park with photovoltaik-modules of Sharp. This installation was realised by DSK (Deutsche Solarkraftwerke Verwaltungs GmbH) and has a performance of 1,008 MWp.   

Free field installation Werfenweng / Austria

This free field installation in Werfenweng (Austria) hjas a peformance of  235 KWp and was realised by the company Neue Energie Technik (NET).