A waiter carrying food
A waiter carrying food

EPOS Solutions

With Sharp’s rich background in EPOS solutions, it’s no surprise that we’ve got vast experience catering for a wide range of hospitality and retail markets.

EPOS solutions

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) solutions have changed immensely over recent years. The development in technology from the bulky cash registers of old, to an integrated suite of solutions in a relatively short space of time demonstrates how important point of sale solutions are to the modern business.

QR codes and the COVID-19 pandemic have caused a massive uptake in EPOS solutions. Flexible, efficient electronic payment systems provide a lifeline to many hospitality and retail businesses, by accommodating more efficient revenue streams.

Sharp has a proud background in EPOS solutions. We’ve got vast amounts of experience catering for a wide range of hospitality and retail markets. While there are overlaps between uses in EPOS systems for restaurants and shops, there are differences too.

We’re going to take you through how to find an EPOS system that works best for your business.

Hospitality EPOS solutions

The benefits to hospitality include:

  • Full table management and smart ordering
  • A graphical interface to match the layout of the venue
  • The option for staff to select a table from the front screen, speeding up service
  • Screens that show the status of each individual table, for better front of house management

Sharp EPOS Terminal Restaurant Happy Customers

Retail EPOS solutions

If you’re looking for retail EPOS solutions, having the ability to verify the age of your customers is a legal requirement. To ensure that servers are carrying out the right checks when selling restricted items (alcohol, tobacco), pop-up warning boxes appear before those items are sold.

The stock countdown feature is an incredibly useful way of avoiding customer disappointment if any products are oversold. It gives staff instant visibility of what the remaining stock levels of each product are. If you’re looking for hospitality EPOS solutions, it also displays the exact number of portions left in stock, allowing staff to focus on less popular dishes.

EPOS Solutions for Retail

The overlapping EPOS solutions

Whether you’re in the retail or hospitality industry, the EPOS services you use are going to be pretty much the same - you’ll just use them in different ways. A cafe may use EPOS to reward regular customers with loyalty features, while a shop might find more use in the till’s comprehensive transaction reporting features.

Both sectors need to accommodate payment – cash, chip and pin, contactless etc. – so having a diverse set of payment options integrated with your EPOS solutions is a must. For most retailers, payment at the cash register is often enough, but in hospitality venues it’s likely that you’ll need handheld devices to accommodate the new norm of table service.

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