Sharp PC Based EPOS Terminal RZ-E3 Series

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Sharp have been the leading provider of EPOS Systems for over 30 years

Our rich history and proven track record have enabled us to support a vast array of customers in a broad range of environments and commercial sectors.

Working alongside our EPOS partners, we love helping customers find an EPOS system that ticks every box.

PC based EPOS Systems

The best EPOS systems are PC-based EPOS terminals. With durable, water-resistant touchscreen interfaces, these terminals are designed to support a range of environments, from busy bars to the shop floor.

PC-based EPOS terminals offer a host of features that not only improve the way your business engages with its customers, but also how its run internally. These include order taking and delivery solutions, comprehensive cloud-based reporting, and table management functions.

 Sharp PC Based EPOS Terminal RZ-E402

Alphanumeric Cash Registers

Alphanumeric cash registers are a simpler till system used solely for facilitating transactions. Ideal for the small business, they are simple to use and the cheaper alternative to a more complete EPOS system.

Sharp Alpha Numeric Cash Register EX-Range