Alpha Numeric Cash Registers

Our alphanumeric cash registers facilitate and store payment, improve speed of service, encourage audit compliancy and act as a traditional alternative to PC-based EPOS terminals.

Sharp POS cash registers have been supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes for over 30 years. Our sustained prominence in the POS marketplace demonstrates our continued commitment to developing market-leading solutions.

Featuring a professional, sleek aesthetic on reliable hardware, our range of alphanumeric cash registers are ideal for businesses that require simple functionality at POS. Electronic cash registers improve speed of service by incorporating a large, multi-line operating display with built-in support for barcode scanning.

Our cash registers feature a built-in paper saving journal function which works alongside a fast twin station printer and an SD card slot for data transfer and backups, ensuring you meet audit requirements.

The front-locking metal cash drawer (with a removable coin tray) on our alphanumeric cash registers is ideal for both security and storage purposes.

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