Cash Registers

How have Cash Registers changed?

From every coffee shop, restaurant, and high street store you’ve been in, to countless pop culture references, cash registers are a staple in the world of commerce. Featuring strong, robust cash drawers, easy-to-use functionality and silent, fast thermal printing, electronic cash registers are a key part of any retail or hospitality business.

Nowadays cash registers are so much more than the clunky, cumbersome machines of yesteryear. Over the last decade, electronic cash registers (also known as till systems) have undergone a dramatic change as the requirements of both business owners and consumers have evolved side-by-side. Network integration, staff efficiency and speed of service are all at the heart of modern Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems


Sharp Alpha Numeric Cash Register EX-Range

What's different?

The introduction of touchscreen technology has completely revolutionised how we interact with one another on a daily basis. Touchscreen cash registers offer countless point of sale features, with the end goal of making the whole buying process as simple as is humanly possible. Think about product ranges - being able to cater for thousands of products, all neatly compartmentalised in distinct sales categories, configured at the tap of a finger is efficient to say the least, which in turn translates into increased sales.

 Sharp PC Based EPOS Terminal RZ-E402

What are the benefits of touchscreen cash registers?

  • Easy-to-use functionality which in turn reduces staff training time.
  • An electronic journal for a full audit trail, to facilitate traceability across all transactions.
  • Integrated reports that allow for greater visibility of sales metrics, with the option to save to an SD card for analysis across multiple devices.
  • A pop-up display for clear and precise customer information. 
 Sharp PC Based EPOS Terminal RZ-E3 Series