EPOS Terminals

What is an EPOS Terminal?

EPOS terminals (short for ‘Electronic Point of Sale’) are the computer systems which allow cashiers to take payment for the things that you buy. They’re in every supermarket, restaurant, and bar. Whether you’ve worked in those places or visited as a customer, we’ve all come into contact with them.

EPOS System

How EPOS works

Think of EPOS terminals as the next generation of the electronic cash registers. They calculate the total amount you need to pay, before taking the payment itself. EPOS terminals are connected to a computer which scans barcodes, applies any offers or promotions, and works out the total amount payable. Their purpose is to make life easier for the cashier and consumer, speeding up service quicker and keeping the customer happy.

Sharp EPOS Terminal Restaurant Happy Customers

A wider EPOS solution

The biggest change in the world of EPOS terminals over recent years is their integration with other parts of the business operation. EPOS used to be viewed solely as a standalone means of payment, but electronic till systems now connect with a wider family of EPOS solutions to offer new ways of bringing in business.

For the hospitality industry, one of these solutions is mobile ordering apps and websites. The technology that facilitates these core business functions has seen a massive surge in popularity over the last couple of years, with almost all venues adopting them in some capacity as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

EPOS Till System Restaurant Owner

Four major benefits of a mobile ordering solution:

  • Complete integration with POS system facilitates quicker and more efficient ways of taking orders
  • Opportunities for new business streams with takeaway and delivery options
  • Allows customers to choose food and drink at their own leisure
  • Clear product information to assist the buying process

Sharp EPOS Mobile App Restaurant Payment

Into the Cloud

Like many other technologies, the best Electronic Point of Sale systems have embraced cloud services with open arms. Having a website that mirrors your EPOS terminal is vitally important – above all, it allows managers to remotely change products, prices, and promotions on the fly. There is no need for staff to be at the physical terminal to manage your point of sales systems.

Cloud based EPOS System

Contactless payments

It might be something we take for granted every day, but card payment machines and contactless payments are an integral part of the purchasing process. In days gone by, manually inputting data was a chore, with little margin for error. Having an automatic, integrated payment system connected to your EPOS terminal eliminates the potential for error, alongside increasing the speed of service. Offering flexible payment options encourages customers to spend money, especially helpful in point of sales systems for small businesses, where revenue streams are closely managed, and profit margins are tight.