Energy Production in the Heart of the City, Gothenburg

Five restaurants and cafés are supplied using the electricity of 210 PV modules

Solenergie Gothenburg has an excellent reputation for installing PV systems in and around Gothenburg and has been a SHARP partner for more than two years. The endcustomer of this project is Avenygruppen AB, who owns several restaurants in Gothenburg and is planning on opening a hotel in the near future.

Five of those restaurants and cafes and one conference establishment are directly benefitting from the PV installation. The 210 modules of the SHARP series NU-AK300B are built on the roof of a historic building in the heart of Gothenburg. The house which was built in 1925 is six stories high and thus has ideal sun irradiation all day as the PV panels are installed facing East, South, and West. The installation on the roof of the historic building was tricky. The system that was ultimately used was Weland mountings, produced in Sweden, for this kind of tin roofs.

Energy Production - Gothenburg

Saving €8,000 electricity costs annually and reducing the carbon footprint

Avenygruppen chose to install the SHARP PV panels because of the environmental benefits and financial savings: annual forecasted solar radiation is expected to be 57,000 kWh which equates to annual electricity cost savings of €8,000.

The yearly consumption of the whole building is more than 1,000,000 kWh. The city of Gothenburg permitted the installation on the historic building only due to its positive environmental impact.

Solar Instalation Gothenburg

Certified salt mist resistance and unique Sharp warranty

As Gothenburg is located close to the shore of the North Sea, the salt spray resistance of the modules is the key to longevity and productivity of the modules.

The Sharp NU-AK300B modules are certified salt mist resistant. Moreover, Sharp provides a 10-year product guarantee and 25 years of linear performance guarantee on all PV panels.


"We as Aveny-family care deeply about the environment and are very happy to produce our enery sustainably. The whole planning and construction process was smooth and we are very happy with our partners Solenergie Göteborg and Sharp"

Patrik Hermansson