Dynabook Portégé

Business ultimate

Dynabook Portégé laptops

Dynabook Portégé business laptops are the ultimate business tool, light in weight and strong in design. Designed for those who demand the very best in mobile computing Portégé models feature the most processing power and optional LTE connectivity, resulting in fast performance for displaying complex graphics and running demanding apps with ease even when mobile.

To keep you working a whole 8 hour shift, and often more, battery endurance is outstanding across the Portégé range. With up to 16 hours battery life on X30 and X50 and more than 14 on X40 models along with ultra-fast charging when you are running low on power we’ve got your working day covered. And, like all Dynabooks reliability and security is at the core of design. To give you flexibility to move seamlessly between home and office and connect everything you need a full range of accessories including power supplies, USB-C docks and stands are compatible across all Dynabook business laptops.