Sharp Optimised Visitor Management System
Sharp Optimised Visitor Management System


Sharp provides a range of reception management solutions to enhance visitor registration and information sharing in public or office reception areas and waiting rooms.

The Reception environment

The reception area of a business is both its visible face and also a vital information hub for visitors and employees alike. Everyone passes through it, so it offers a unique opportunity to collaborate and communicate.

In most reception areas you will typically find visitors arriving, being greeted by receptionists who will sign them into the building and print their visitor passes. Usually there are also various visual displays, as well as staff coming and going and even holding impromptu ‘huddle’ meetings.

A wide range of technologies can be used to facilitate the functioning of a reception area. For example, large format displays or video walls are ideal for large entrance areas, such as hotel receptions. Alternatively, smaller display screens can be used where space is limited, such as office receptions and the waiting rooms in a variety of other environments, including doctors’ surgeries, hospitals and schools. Many receptions also now rely on using business laptops running visitor management software to welcome and sign-in guests, as well as printers and photocopiers to produce visitor badges and relevant safety or site information.

How can Sharp help?

At Sharp we recognise the unique opportunities that reception areas and waiting rooms offer to make a positive impression and share information effectively with both visitors and employees. We can provide a range of AV equipment and workplace solutions that help you streamline the visitor registration process and inform and educate anyone passing through the reception area.

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Visitor Management

Ensuring that visitors are greeted efficiently, while still complying with all of the relevant security and health & safety requirements can be a challenge – especially in busy reception areas or smaller office receptions where time and resources may be limited.

Our Visitor Management software is an intelligent, secure and user friendly platform for effective reception management. It provides a self-service reception capability for all employees, guests and contractors visiting your premises. Once set up in the reception area, visitors can sign themselves in safely and securely, freeing up time for front desk staff to focus on more value-adding activities. Explore Sharp Visitor Management to find out more.

We also offer a range of business laptops that combine power, performance and portability and are built to help maximise efficiency and productivity. Their reinforced components also ensure that they are extremely sturdy, so they can withstand the physical demands of even the busiest reception areas. Explore Laptops to view the whole range.

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Information sharing

Sharp’s high resolution digital signage displays and reception video walls let you communicate and share useful information, promotions or advertising and regular news updates clearly and effectively in a wide range of areas, ranging from office receptions and waiting rooms to the largest communal spaces.

Offering brilliant brightness and exceptional image resolution, combined with flexible installation, you can elevate your audience communication and be sure your message is delivered clearly and effectively wherever and whenever you need. To discover how you can benefit please explore Sharp AV equipment.

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Document production

Sharp has a long history and experience in providing effective document solutions. We offer a wide variety of photocopiers and printers to suit every need. These range from compact printers that will fit on a desk, which could be used for badge production in your reception area, right up to powerful multifunction printers (MFPS)/all-in-one printers, which include network/Wi-Fi capabilities.

As well as creating high-quality, hard-copy documents in either full colour or black & white, our MFPs include a variety of options that enable you to improve your productivity, efficiency and collaboration without compromising on quality. For example, you can easily and safely share information by scanning documents and securely sending them by email directly from the device. Their mobile connectivity also lets you print from and scan to your mobile device, which is ideal for visitors that need any documents printed. Simply explore Sharp photocopiers or explore Sharp printers to learn more.

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