Team meeting with display
Team meeting with display

Audio Visual Services

Professional and personalised AV services and tailored AV Solutions to meet the requirements of all types of organisations.

Audio Visual Services from Sharp

Sharp has been the market leader in audio visual technologies for many years and we continue to provide first class AV Services to accompany them.

We employ dedicated teams of highly qualified, experienced AV consultants who work closely with our clients to deliver tailored AV Services and bespoke AV Solutions that fulfil all objectives.

AV Solutions

Whatever your requirements are, our range of AV solutions promote collaboration, enhance presentations and enrich communication in every environment

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BIG PAD Interactive Displays

Engaging, tactile, digital interactive displays that are ideal for delivering meaningful content and collaborative presentations

People in a meeting

Windows collaboration display

Intelligent sensors and integrated technologies make the Windows collaboration display the perfect tool for business meetings and video conferencing.

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Digital Signage Displays

Ideal for any environment - from retail to corporate - digital signage helps to deliver powerful, captivating visual communications

AV Solutions

Whatever your requirements, our AV solutions offer a wide range of installation options and intuitive software to get your message across

A shopping mall

Video Walls

Video walls provide supreme visual clarity, and can be configured to suit any commercial space - the ultimate in contemporary display

Sharp touch viewing software

AV Software

Whether you are teaching, training, collaborating, project managing or simply brainstorming, our suite of intuitive interactive software applications will get your message across

Stand and wall mount

AV Stands, Wall Mounts and Accessories

Not all commercial spaces look the same. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of installation options, across all our AV solutions. From wall mounting to mobile stands, height adjustable riser mounts and more - whatever your requirements is, we have a solution.

AV Installation & Training

Sharp's highly qualified AV installation teams include AV consultants, engineers and trusted partners who work together with the client to install AV solutions

We understand the importance of making technology as easy as it possibly can be for your organisation. Our products are designed to be intuitive and user friendly. Our bespoke training programmes ensure that you get the most from your AV equipment.

Whether you have a strong technical background, or you're new to the world of audio visual technology, we'll develop a custom AV training programme to ensure that users understand every last function.


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Why trust Sharp to deliver your AV services?

  • Dedicated AV consultants: Our friendly, professional staff will handle everything from the initial enquiry through to training, review and account management.
  • Industry-leading AV solutions: Award-winning products and technologies, designed to be innovative, yet easy to use.
  • Bespoke AV solutions: Tailored solutions that cater to every sector, industry and budget, wherever you are in the UK.
  • Trusted global brand: With decades of experience in audio visual development, Sharp manufactures the most advance flat screen display technology in the world, bar none.

We’re always happy to carry out demonstrations and walk you through our AV services. Get in touch for more information.


People in a meeting with screen