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Making More of Your Business’ Existing Technology

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Many SMEs across Europe aren’t making the most of the technology they have invested in and often lack the right knowledge to do so. From not knowing what existing software can do to misperceptions about technology threats, performance gains are being missed and security risk might be growing. Our recent European research found that this year, making the most from IT investment is as critical to European SMEs as finding new talent. To assist you, we have created six easy questions to evaluate your technology investment. Take the mini survey now and use the other tools below to help unlock the potential of your business.

Simple tech tips for better business

There are many simple ways SMEs can make more of investment in technology; from the benefits of cloud use to simple ways to sort tasks throughout your day. Sharp Europe's VP of IT Services, Colin Blumenthal, gives his advice on ways to enhance performance and security across your business in the following five video tips.

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Tech tip 1

Avoid data loss

Realities of Microsoft Cloud 365 backup.

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Tech tip 2

Focus on security

Common business security breaches.

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Tech tip 3

Sort that spam

Avoid spam email disruption.


Tech tip 4

Improve project management

Use more of Microsoft 365.

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Tech tip 5

Enhance cloud knowledge

Cloud data migration benefits.


Identifying SME technology needs

On top of the pressures of running a business, knowing the right questions to ask to highlight what technology changes might be needed can be challenging for many SMEs. To help we've created a simple set of questions and answers to point you in the right direction.

From reviewing plans to frequency of testing backup, they'll provide you with some free advice to enable you to make better plans and more informed decisions.

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SMEs tech challenges across Europe

Our infographic visualises how SMEs in Europe feel about their use of technology and the areas where they feel less confident.



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