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The workplace has changed forever, work is no longer tied to the office and many employees can now enjoy a rich hybrid working experience.

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Sharp and Bitdefender

Bitdefender anti-malware software helps protect against a full range of cyber threats. Discover how it can help protect your data.

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How can Sharp help?

Sharp’s latest generation of office photocopiers or MFPs (Multi-Function Printers) give you the smart technology to stay connected and productive anywhere – and empower your business to take advantage of the opportunities of the hybrid workplace.

These Future Workplace MFPs will seamlessly integrate with your company’s infrastructure to provide staff with secure, compliant access to office-based print capabilities on any device and from wherever they are working using cloud-based collaboration tools. But you still have all the control you need with remote monitoring and management (RMM).

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Effortless connectivity

Our Future Workplace MFPs let you work flexibly – anytime, anywhere. They are the first to have a native Microsoft Teams connector, so users can now access, share, scan and print data from their Microsoft Teams, Google and SharePoint channels – without any additional software. Single Sign-On (SSO) also provides a smarter way to access public cloud services, as you can securely access, share, scan, print and store information with just one simple login from the control panel, so you don’t need to remember multiple credentials.

For added convenience, the Synappx Go mobile app enables contactless and remote printing to align print capabilities with the new demands of working in the hybrid workplace. And Bluetooth connectivity means you can pair your smartphone to the MFP and then view your address book on the control panel, so sending documents to your contacts is much more efficient and effortless.

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Effortless security

Our Future Workplace MFPs include all of the user-centric, military-grade security features that come as standard on many of the latest Sharp MFPs, such as Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Self-Healing Firmware, but they also now include powerful Bitdefender anti malware monitoring. With all of this protection, you can be confident that your devices, your data and your business are always secure.

To reduce the workload of your IT team, security updates are provided automatically from the cloud, so cyber defences are kept up to date, and our MFPs integrate with your broader data security strategies through Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). In addition, our security features help you achieve compliance with data management regulations like GDPR.

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Effortless productivity

Life in the hybrid workplace doesn’t mean sacrificing ease of use. In fact, our Future Workplace MFPs include many features designed to ensure maximum productivity with minimum effort.

They have a 10.1” control panel with an ultra-responsive touch screen display that responds just like a smartphone, with the same intuitive ease of use. There are also multiple finishing and folding options, previously only found on light production machines. And they also include smart scanning options to maximise scan speeds, eliminate interruptions by detecting double feeds and optimise the image quality, using Artificial Intelligence to ensure the best resolution, gradation and compression rate.

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Effortless sustainability

We have enhanced the eco-performance of our Future Workplace MFPs, making it easier to meet your environmental obligations. Innovative technology ensures that they meet – and often exceed - national energy conservation regulations and have a low Typical Energy Consumption (TEC) value, which is up to 27% less than previous models.

To minimise energy usage, they offer an industry-leading level of standby power consumption. They also feature a power-saving mode, so that they only turn on/off at set times, and a motion sensor that ensures that they stay in sleep mode until it detects an approaching user.

In addition, they feature a fast warm-up time and their low melt toner uses less power, while their Eco recommendation function suggests eco-friendly options, like eco scan. To reduce waste, they provide higher toner yields and always use up all of the toner before automatically ejecting the cartridge. Finally, they are manufactured using up to 10% recycled plastic.

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