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Future workplace solutions from Sharp ensure more effective and unified communication in the office and remotely.

Communication for modern working

As many organisations have adopted hybrid working and have more geographically dispersed workforces and people working remotely, the need for clear, direct and timely communication has never been more essential. Done correctly, it can:

  • Enable effective teamwork and proactive collaboration
  • Improve productivity with timely, well-presented information
  • Fuel innovation by enabling ideas to be freely shared with colleagues
  • Avoid misunderstandings and resolve issues quickly
  • Prevent the disclosure of sensitive information with improved data security
  • Build stronger customer relationships with clear and consistent information
  • Enhance staff satisfaction and loyalty with more active engagement
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The right information at the right time

Information is only useful if the right people have the right information at the right time. So quick and effective communication is key to an organisation’s ability to extract the best value out of its valuable business data – empowering employees to do their jobs more productively.

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How can Sharp help?

Sharp future workplace solutions enable businesses to provide a creative, productive environment and more secure and effective unified communication, whether in the office or working remotely, making it possible for them to be more successful in reaching their communications strategies. They are designed to enable more inclusivity and improved problem solving and creativity whether in hybrid meetings, in workplace collaboration or when simply sharing information, using cloud service like Dropbox™, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

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Communication apps and connectivity tools

Sharp Synappx™ Services is a platform of intelligent apps and connectivity tools: Synappx™ Collaboration Hub, Synappx™ Go and Synappx™ Meeting. They are designed to connect systems and employees around the workplace and help you work, communicate and collaborate quickly and easily. Our document and audio visual solutions also integrate with popular IT collaboration and video conferencing software, such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Webex and Google Meet.

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Wide-ranging solutions for enhanced business communication

Our wide-ranging solutions and services for enhancing business communication include:

Printers & Photocopiers
Streamline the creation, processing and electronic sharing of both paper and digital information.

Workplace Solutions
Collaborate in meetings and manage occupancy conveniently with innovative Synappx™ Services and Visitor Management technology designed to create a smarter workplace.

Audio Visual Solutions
Communicate and collaborate effectively using intelligent audio visual solutions, from digital signage to video conferencing.

IT & Computing
Enable greater workplace productivity and mobility with a choice of high-quality, high-performance business laptops.

IT Services
Optimise the performance and security of your information systems and cloud services using our specialist tools, managed IT services, and expert IT support and knowledge.

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