Complete Print Security

Complete Print Security

The threat landscape is constantly evolving as malicious actors seek to exploit any new vulnerabilities. An organisation’s print environment can often act as an easy gateway into a corporate network.

Trying to stay one step ahead of the threats requires a significant investment of time, technology and expertise, which has only been available to large organisations – up until now. But the cost of getting it wrong can be significant and can cause a huge amount of long-lasting reputational damage.

So why not let Sharp do it all for you? Our Complete Print Security service is a ‘fully managed service’ that gives you 24/7 peace of mind 365 days of the year by securing and proactively monitoring your print environment. So any security alerts or potential weaknesses can be rapidly identified and resolved – before your organisation is significantly impacted. It’s a complete ‘out of the box’ solution to help protect your business' finances and reputation. It’s print security made simple.

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Print security made simple

This complete ‘out of the box’, managed service solution ensures:

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Non-stop print security

  • Delivers ‘always on’ security protection with 24x7x365 automated print security monitoring against your Print Security Policy which Sharp will help you implement as part of the CPS service.
  • Raises an instant security alert if there is any deviation away from your defined print security policy, so that Sharp can quickly take the necessary remedial action.
  • Contributes towards achieving compliance with the latest regulations, such as GDPR and ISO 27001.
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Improved productivity

  • Allows you to focus your inhouse technical resources on activities that directly support your business.
  • Employees work more efficiently with simplified anytime, anywhere access to all-in-one printers using secure printing.
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Added value

  • Offers one, pre-agreed ‘as a service’ subscription payment that covers everything - with no upfront capital outlay - so you always know exactly what to budget for in your Op-ex.
  • Ensures lower administrative costs with only one, trusted vendor to manage.
  • Helps you control and optimise print costs by monitoring all output activities: copy, print, scan.

Bespoke Profiling

Smart Security service

Safeguarding your MFPs

Sharp’s Smart Security service is available individually or as  part of the Complete Print Security service to deliver complete end-to-end protection. It is a bespoke profiling service that is designed to ensure your Sharp MFPs are delivered secure 'out of the box'. The service is carefully tailored to your needs, so it doesn’t impact your business agility or productivity.

Initially, we will walk you through current and future data threats to multifunctional devices, so that we can define a suitable print security policy for you. Our security experts can then develop a unique security configuration for your all-in-one printers to match your organisation’s exact requirements by activating any number of over 200 security settings.

It ensures that we provide the best possible level of print security without limiting the flexibility you and your employees require. It also means that we can pre-configure, deliver, install and integrate your new MFPs as simply and securely as possible. So, from the very first printed sheet, you can be sure that your device and information is always as secure as possible.

Working together on the print security you need

Device security

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Security management

Simple centralised control

Non-stop print protection

At the heart of the Complete Print Security service is the Sharp security device that Sharp will install, configure and connect to our cloud security service. It includes everything that is needed to manage the security and control the printing on your fleet of all-in-one printers. So you can optimise their usage and ensure that they are always protected. It also contributes towards achieving compliance with regulatory requirements, such as GDPR and ISO 270001.

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Remote device monitoring

Active threat detection

The Sharp security device includes Remote Device Management software, which continually monitors your MFPs against the defined security policy to ensure that they are running safely. Any deviations away from the defined security policy or usage policy will prompt an automatic reset or a security alert that can be investigated by the security experts in Sharp’s European Technology Support Centre (ETSC).

In addition, the Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers around-the-clock monitoring and threat analysis of the MFPs. It means it can rapidly identify any suspicious activity or combination of events that could be a potential threat, so that these security alerts can be quickly addressed and mitigated by the ETSC.

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Support where you need it

Security alerts

If any severe threats are identified, the Sharp European Technical Support Centre (ETSC) can take the appropriate action to prevent an attack or resolve the issue. Your Local Sharp Service Organisation will be notified about any low-level security alerts, so that they can provide the remedy and support you need, including any configuration amendments. You will also receive regular reports on the security alerts and the remedial action taken.

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Optimising MFP performance

Device management

Managing multiple MFPs and print security policies can be complex and time-consuming. As part of the Complete Print Security service Sharp will monitor your all-in-one printers much more effectively with a centralised device management solution.

Our Remote Device Management provides a unique feature set that can be used to build and maintain your Device Security Configuration Policy and keep all of your Sharp MFPs and printers running securely.

Essentially, on one Smart Security device, Sharp provides everything you need to maximise the network security of your MFPs.

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Simple and effective control

Print management

Allowing uncontrolled access and usage of your print network can leave it vulnerable to attack – and can also be very wasteful. So Sharp’s secure print management software provides user and device control functionality that helps you actively control your MFP usage and print output as part of an effective print security policy.

An integral component of the Complete Print Security service, it comes pre-installed on the Sharp security device. It means you can easily control the way people and information are managed across your network’s print devices, allowing you to achieve the highest level of print security and take your user experience to a completely new level.

In particular, print jobs are securely stored in a queue until you need them. This means that users can retrieve their documents from any permitted Sharp device on the network at a time that’s convenient to them. And, before they release their job, users can change the finishing options, such as staple, colour, duplex or number of copies, directly from the device’s control panel.

This type of printing is a much more secure way of working as sensitive documents aren’t left in output trays and it can be used to enforce a print security policy and ensure GDPR compliance. And it also means you can reduce costs by optimising the way documents are printed and minimising any waste.

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