Complete Print Security

A fully managed print security service

The threat landscape is constantly evolving as malicious actors seek to exploit any new vulnerabilities. An organisation’s print environment can often act as an easy gateway into a corporate network.

Trying to stay one step ahead of the threats requires a significant investment of time, technology and expertise, which has only been available to large organisations – up until now. But the cost of getting it wrong can be significant and can cause a huge amount of long-lasting reputational damage.

So why not let Sharp do it all for you? Our Complete Print Security service is a ‘fully managed service’ that gives you 24/7 peace of mind 365 days of the year by securing and proactively monitoring your print environment. Any security alerts or potential weaknesses can be rapidly identified and resolved – before your organisation is significantly impacted. It’s a complete ‘out of the box’ solution to help protect your business' finances and reputation. 



Complete Print Security

How did a hungry goldfish help hack a business?

Print security made simple

This complete ‘out-of-the-box’, managed service provides end-to end protection with ‘always-on’ print security monitoring and instant security alerts.  Productivity is improved as employees have anytime, anywhere access to printers and with a subscription payment, there’s no upfront capital outlay and only one trusted vendor to manage. 

Security tailored for your business

Smart Security Service is a bespoke profiling service which assesses data threats to your MFPs and is available individually or as part of Complete Print Security.  Our security experts will tailor a unique security configuration for your Sharp printers and Sharp photocopiers which matches your organisation’s security policy so that we can deliver and install devices that are pre-configured to your exact requirements.

Non-stop print protection

24/7 monitoring using an industry-leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system ensures any security events including unauthorised access attempts and system changes can be immediately identified and mitigated.

Product range

Simple control

Complete Print Security includes everything that’s needed to manage security and control your fleet of Sharp printers and Sharp photocopiers.

Alerts-complete print security

Threat detection

Your fleet of MFPs are continually monitored against the defined security policy and security alerts are triggered if any deviations are identified.

IT Support Call Centre


You will receive regular reports on low- and high-level threats as well as notification of remedial action taken and any additional support needed.

Print management

Complete Print Security includes Sharp’s secure print management software which allows you to easily control the way people and information are managed across your print devices.  

In particular, pull-printing securely stores print jobs in a queue until users retrieve them from any permitted Sharp device on the network at a time that’s convenient to them.  This way, confidential documents are not left on the output tray.

BP-60C36 User Authentication

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