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Digital Transformation

Sharp offers a range of hardware, software, cloud services and support to enable business innovation and digital transformation. They result in greater productivity and efficiency through optimisation, digitisation and automation of business processes.

Digital transformation in today's hybrid workplaces

The pace of change is relentless – and getting even faster as people and businesses increasingly move towards an ‘always on - always connected’ way of life in the hybrid workplace.

It is putting a much greater emphasis on the need for business innovation and digital transformation. By leveraging the latest connected technologies, including cloud services like Google Cloud, organisations can accelerate their service delivery and streamline processes through the automation and removal of mundane and repetitive tasks. This provides the opportunity to:

  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Deliver a more responsive customer service
  • Enhance employees’ work experience 
  • Improve overall business efficiency.

How can Sharp help?

Digital transformation is not about using technology for technology’s sake. It is about helping organisations evolve and respond to changing business demands – and using technology as an enabler. It requires a unique combination of business understanding and technical expertise – and this is where Sharp can help.

We help organisations create future workplaces and enable hybrid working by providing an extensive portfolio of hardware, software, services and support that enable their digital transformation journeys. They result in greater productivity and efficiency, with significant cost and time savings, through the optimisation, digitisation, automation and streamlining of their business operations and processes.

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Solutions for digital transformation

Document Solutions 
Improve productivity, reduce costs and enable greater mobility with our secure and configurable solutions that bring new efficiencies to every part of the document workflow.

Printers & Photocopiers
Streamline the creation, processing and electronic sharing of both paper and digital information.

Workplace Solutions
Collaborate in meetings and manage occupancy conveniently with innovative technology designed to create a smarter workplace.

Audio Visual Solutions
Communicate and collaborate effectively using intelligent audio visual solutions, from digital signage to video conferencing.

IT & Computing
Enable greater workplace productivity and mobility with a choice of high-quality, high-performance business laptops.

IT Services
Optimise the performance and security of your information systems and cloud services using our specialist tools, managed IT services, and expert IT support and knowledge.

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