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Synappx Cloud Print

Cloud print management designed for the modern workplace

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What is cloud printing?

Synappx™ Cloud Print is a versatile print management solution designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It offers seamless, cost-effective print management in the ever-evolving hybrid workplace. With secure cloud-based services and compatibility with Sharp Multi Function Printers (MFPs), it simplifies your printing needs and gives your business several advantages: 

  • Printing simplicity: flexible, sustainable printing from anywhere.

  • Secure: protect sensitive information getting into the wrong hands.

  • Cost effective: easy to purchase, install and maintain as a service.

  • Promote sustainable printing behaviours: reduce waste, printing costs and environmental impact.

Watch the video or download our brochure to discover more about Synappx™ Cloud Print and enhance your businesses print management.

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Looking for simple, secure & sustainable cloud printing solutions for your business?

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The modern workplace isn't always located in the same place yet the need to keep printing sustainably, productively, and securely is ever important. Watch our video to learn more about Synappx™ Cloud Print. The print management solution that works where you do and keeps business printing in your control.

Watch our Synappx™ Cloud Print video to learn more

Need print use insights for your business?

Synappx™ Cloud Print insight dashboard gives you real-time updates making it easy to see how your printing use compares with others in the company, other Synappx™ users and even how many sheets of paper have been saved.


Print Simplicity Anywhere

  • Flexible and sustainable printing options.

  • Intuitive, hassle-free printing solutions.

  • Work seamlessly in the hybrid workplace.


Security and Efficiency

  • Protect sensitive data in print jobs.

  • Reduce printing costs and waste.

  • Streamlined, efficient printing solutions.


Sustainability in Practice

  • Encourage eco-friendly printing behaviour.

  • Reduce waste, save resources.

  • Environmentally conscious printing options.

Central management

The Synappx Admin Portal allows you to track and manage Synappx Applications from one location. Here, administrators gain central control of all the necessary components of Synappx Applications. Visualised data is available to give administrators insight into organisational trends.

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Security is our number one priority

Security is always at the forefront of Sharp’s innovative technology. With Microsoft® Azure, Microsoft® 365, Google Workspace™ technologies and Sharp’s security best practices, Synappx applications and services are protected by layered security. To learn more about Synappx security, download our security white paper.

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Synappx Cloud Print Brochure



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Synappx™ Support

For further help and advice regarding any of our Synappx products including User and Admin Guides, System Requirement Guides and FAQs, please visit our support area.

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