Print Security

Are you protecting your data?

Printers and MFPs (multifunctional printers) are a vital part of your organisation’s document workflow and business processes. But if they’re not managed properly, they can be a potential weak spot in your data or network policies. And with increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we know organisations need as much help and support as they can get.

The more advanced and integrated MFPs become the greater the risk to confidential information as it is being copied, printed, scanned or faxed and all businesses have a responsibility to protect the data they hold about their customers and employees.

Sharp provides a suite of security information and event management (SIEM) features to help protect your information and documents from a multitude of threats. We’ll give you the tools to control and manage your print security policies, and help you protect your confidential information however it is being captured, stored, printed or shared over your network.


Unsecure printing practices

IT security breaches through networked devices like MFPs and printers are a reality – and getting worse as the new vulnerabilities are exploited. They can range from a network that is compromised by an open gate through to a human error, which could be as simple as leaving a document containing sensitive information in the output tray. However they occur, such breaches can do significant damage to your business – both financially and commercially.

Securing the print infrastructure – across the office environment – is now a strategic priority, but we also understand that easy access to printing is essential.

So Sharp has introduced Smart Security Service - an innovative security ‘as a service’ offering that helps you understand the threats to your business and provides you with on-device protection that is tailored to your individual office needs.

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Smart Security Service

Our innovative security as a service helps you understand the threats to your business and provides protection that’s tailored to your individual business needs – straight 'out of the box'.

We will guide you through the current and evolving MFP threat landscape, so you can decide on the level of security that’s right for you. Our experts will pre-configure and deliver your new MFP to meet the exact requirements of your business, ensuring effective protection of your information without limiting the flexibility you and your business need. Installation and integration are as simple as possible, so your devices are as secure as they can be from the moment you press print.

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24/7/365 PEACE OF MIND

Complete Print Security

The threat landscape is constantly evolving as malicious actors seek to exploit any new vulnerabilities. An organisation’s print environment can often act as an easy gateway into a corporate network.

Trying to stay one step ahead of the threats requires a significant investment of time, technology and expertise, which has only been available to large organisations but failure to do so can result in high costs and a huge amount of reputational damage.

So why not let Sharp do it all for you? Our Complete Print Security service is a ‘fully managed service’ that gives you 24/7 peace of mind 365 days of the year, by securing and proactively monitoring your print environment. So security alerts or potential weaknesses can be rapidly identified and resolved – before your organisation is significantly impacted. It’s a complete ‘out of the box’ solution to help protect your business' finances and reputation.

It’s print security made simple.

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