Colour Printers

Add clarity to your documents

No matter your industry, colour printers can help your documents jump off the page, aiding clearer communication and understanding, and make a real impact.

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Multi-talented multifunction printers

A4 and A3 colour printers are multi-talented additions to any workplace. Choose from desktop printers or durable floor standing units to suit your space and needs. For the complete print solution, choose all-in-one printers (also known as multifunction colour laser printers). These devices are the last word in office productivity, combining print, copy, fax, scan and scan-to-email functions in one. 

Light production printers help you experience the full range of professional-grade capabilities, from colour photocopying and A3 printing to hole-punching, stapling and booklet making.  


Should you choose a colour printer over a black & white printer?

It all depends what you need from your documents. If you’re printing presentations, complex spreadsheets or marketing materials, colour printers are probably best for the job. However, if you’re only printing text documents with few or no colours, then a black & white printer will be good enough. 

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How secure are colour printers?

Clever extras for all-in-one printers keep your data safe. After all, printers can be hacked just like computers. Your printer’s memory can contain the data of all your recent prints, and this storage can be compromised by hackers just like a PC.  

That’s why you should look out for these security features when choosing a colour printer: 

  • Self-healing firmware - The computer code at the core of your printer can become corrupted if it is attacked. Choose a colour printer with self-healing protections to makes sure it remains as secure as possible.  
  • Whitelisting - Whitelisting is used by some printers to prevent unauthorised use. The best printers monitor access attempts and only grant access to applications and operating firmware that are on an approved whitelist.  
  • Encryption - Use military-grade security for your printer, such as Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices (HCD-PP v1.0). Also check that it has SSL/TLS Certificate Validation, which automatically checks that communications with your printer are safe.   
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Smarter printing with the right software

Print Management Software helps you make the most of your colour laser printer. This clever software maximises your printing efficiency, helping you analyse printer usage and apply special rules, such as limiting access to colour printing to certain team members. 

The best management software also allows you to add user authentication to your printers, keeping sensitive data secure and reducing wasted paper.  

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