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Sharp provides a wide-ranging portfolio of collaboration solutions, software and support. They ensure easy and effective teamwork and collaboration in future workplaces.

Collaboration in the future workplace

It may seem obvious to say, but collaboration in the workplace is about people working together. However, that definition now transcends the traditional workplace. Today’s hybrid workforces need to be able to collaborate anytime and anywhere – and that means having effective communication tools and seamless access to the information they need, however it is created or stored.

Technology is a key enabler, but it needs to be easy-to-use and deliver a consistent user experience to ensure that meetings, involving both office-based and remote workers, are:

  • organised and managed efficiently – making optimum use of the facilities and people’s time and skills
  • creative and productive – achieving high-value outcomes that contribute to the organisation’s goals
people in a meeting

How can Sharp help?

Sharp’s future workplace collaboration solutions, software and support make hybrid working, hybrid meetings and improved teamwork possible and working together more productive and efficient. We provide an extensive portfolio of collaboration solutions, software and support for businesses across document solutions, IT services, Synappx™ Services, professional audio visual equipment, and more.

people in a meeting

Synappx™ Collaboration Hub

Our Synappx™ Collaboration Hub service makes it easy to start any Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM), hybrid or in-room PC meeting. Full touchless control of all meeting processes and activities from your mobile device allows the focus to remain on collaboration and achieving high productivity outcomes. We also integrate video chat and conferencing, screen mirroring and file sharing solutions which encourage more collaboration, easy and effective business teamwork and communications, and enable more creative meetings in future workplaces.

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Sharp Interactive Displays

Sharp interactive display solutions make it easier to share your content when collaborating (including, text, graphics, photos, video, and hand-written notes). People can contribute directly from a tablet, mobile or computer, making collaboration effortless. Our Windows collaboration displays (WCDs) enable more productive collaboration in meeting and better space utilisation. Meetings start quickly with WCD, walk in, plug in and work together with the best Microsoft 365 collaboration tools and Pen-on-Paper makes writing with pen or finger feel just like writing on real paper so ideas can keep flowing.

people in a meeting

Solutions for workplace collaboration

Workplace Solutions
Collaborate in meetings and manage occupancy conveniently with innovative technology designed to create a smarter workplace.

Audio Visual Solutions
Communicate and collaborate effectively using intelligent audio visual solutions, from digital signage to video conferencing.

Document Solutions
Bring new efficiencies to every part of the document management workflow, improving productivity, reducing costs, enhancing collaboration and enabling greater mobility.

IT & Computing
Enable greater workplace productivity and mobility with a choice of high-quality, high-performance business laptops.

Printers & Photocopiers
Streamline the creation, processing and electronic sharing of both paper and digital information.

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