Black & White Printers

Reliable and simple

When colour printing isn’t required black & white printers offer a cost-efficient office printing option that doesn’t compromise on quality or speed.  

Don’t let a slow office printer hinder workplace productivity. Black & white printers are often some of the fastest printers around, so make sure you check the page-per-minute speeds and how quickly it can produce the first page. If space is an issue, then look for desktop printers with a smaller footprint. 

With optional wireless connectivity, you can enable quick and easy printing from any phone or laptop connected to your Wi-Fi network.  


Boost workplace productivity and efficiency

You could also consider a monochrome all-in-one printer. These multifunction printers combine printing, faxing, scanning and copying into one solution, so your team can find everything they need in one place. In addition many all-in-one printers also offer advanced finishing capabilities, making it quick and simple to create high-quality brochures and saddle-stitched booklets.

Think about your printing needs: do you often require A4 and A3 prints? A3 is useful, but do your teams need it? 

To further your digital transformation journey and digitise traditionally paper-based workflows, all-in-one printers let you scan to email. This lets you scan a paper document and email it directly form the device to your chosen recipient. Alternatively you can scan directly to folders or to your document management software. 

A woman using an MFP in an office

Keep your data secure

Your company data is precious, but printers can be hacked just like laptops. You printer’s memory can contain data on all of your prints, so printers need security just like laptops or desktop PCs.  

Make sure you look out for security features like encryption, whitelisting and self-healing firmware.  

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Smart document & print management software

With print management software, it’s quick and easy to control your printer fleet.  

Document & print management software helps you decide who gets to use each individual printer. It can be whole teams or selected individuals. You can also select who can use certain features – for example, enabling the marketing department to access colour printing while preventing others from doing so. It can help improve document management, secure document storage and more.  

With features to manage user access, reduce paper waste and enable printer controls, you can ensure your printer is cost effective and efficient. 

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