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AV Software & Accessories

From reception areas to retail outlets, classrooms, to boardrooms, AV equipment such as our interactive displays and digital signage to help you increase engagement, boost productivity and enrich communication. 

Interactive Display Software

From large formal meetings to small brainstorming sessions, larger screens make work life easier. That’s why our BIG PAD Interactive display software bring your images, dashboards and system management to life. The right hardware combined with interactive touchscreen software gives you everything you need for the best possible experience. The right software and accessories will make collaboration easier and more effective. 

You can improve file management and your employees can easily annotate documents, use the displays as a whiteboard, present decks, have video conferences and much more on any of our interactive BIG PADs or our Windows collaboration display. Sharp BIG PADs and Windows collaboration display are a whole new workflow option for your teams. Organisations across the world are already transforming their innovation and productivity with the power of these large, interactive displays.

Interactive touchscreen software
Through interactive touch software, you’ll be able to create and display a virtually unlimited digital canvas, stretching wall to wall if needed.

You can even send and receive wireless images and files from your smart devices. There’s no learning curve – anyone can walk up to a display running interactive screen software and confidently start using it right away.

For ease of use, options are available to enable connection between devices and displays, allowing file exchange and the simultaneous viewing of handwritten notes and drawings. It’s ideal for helping teams maximise innovation, collaboration and productivity.  

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Stands and Wall mounts

Options for every display 
To make full use of your interactive display, be sure to look for mobile stands, wall mounts and enhanced connectivity options. Every display needs to be positioned correctly for effective use. So our wall mounts can be fixed into a single position, or if you need flexibility with positioning, the display can be affixed to a mobile stand for greater mobility. 

When it comes to choosing from our collection of stands and mounts, not every stand will be compatible with every display. We always advise that you consider the weight of the stand or mount compared to the weight of the display. Make sure the stand or mount is rated to carry the weight and size of the display. Similarly, when choosing interactive display software, be sure to check the system requirements page to ensure your system meets the required specifications. 

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