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Cyber Security

Keep your valuable data, systems and people protected from cyber security threats across the board, in one place – with Sharp Cyber Security solutions. We are ready to deliver your cyber security strategy.

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Why Cyber Security is important for business?

As organisations work more flexibly, with employees connecting from remote locations across the world and around the clock, effective cyber security has never been more critical. Protecting sensitive information on your employees’ mobile devices, and the systems and infrastructure that manage them, remains a top priority – especially as cyber threats become more devious and strategic. Even a temporary breach can result in stolen data, financial penalties, operational disruption and reputational damage. It’s a complex challenge, which demands a comprehensive solution.

Why should your business adopt a proactive Cyber Security strategy?

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Sharp can help you deploy the right products and solutions to keep you protected, wherever and however your people are working.

We’ll safeguard your data, to minimise the risk of unauthorised parties accessing or stealing commercial information. We’ll actively monitor your business systems, whether they’re managed on premise or in the cloud. We’ll perform regular backups of your businesses digital assets, so you’ll always have a copy if the worst should happen. And we’ll spot – and fix – any suspicious activity we notice, before it becomes a problem.

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How can our Cyber Security solutions keep your business ahead of evolving threats?

Threats are constantly changing, multiplying and evolving – and trying to identify and prevent them all can leave you frustrated and chasing your tail. However, an effective cyber security strategy can help keep you one step ahead.

Sharp Cyber Security can support you with a holistic protection strategy for the full variety of threats, including viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware and other malicious attacks. We take care of everything and ensure your protection is always up to date, so there’s no need to devote precious time and money to training your people or employing security specialists. Just leave it to us.

We use market-leading technologies to deliver our services, as part of a range of comprehensive IT Services, IT Consultancy, IT Helpdesk, IT Solutions, IT & Computing, IT Support, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Email Security Services, Endpoint Security, Firewall as a Service, Firewall Protection, Security Awareness Training and Service Desk (ETSC) all designed to ensure you get the best performance while maintaining reliability in your business.

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What is Cyber Security?

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What is a Firewall?

Keep your critical business systems and data safe from harm with our comprehensive Firewall Protection. Sharp’s suite of network firewall security solutions safeguards a variety of firewalls, with convenient management for peace of mind.

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What is Firewall as a Service?

As a leading Firewall as a Service provider, Sharp FWaaS protects your business-critical systems, data and devices from unwanted, malicious activity. All for one simple monthly fee.

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What is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Limit business downtime and protect your business data and systems with a robust disaster recovery plan. Backup and Disaster Recovery plans are crucial to keep your business operating smoothly in the event of a disaster, whether that’s a malicious attack or an accidental or natural event such as fire or a flood.

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What is Endpoint Security?

Our Endpoint Security solutions secure and safeguard your critical business data, protecting end-user devices wherever they are. We will monitor and secure all endpoints, on-premise or remote, ensuring your data is protected against threats and providing complete transparency of your online environment.

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What is Security Awareness Training?

Our business Security Awareness Training is a cutting-edge Cyber Security service addressing the primary cyber risk – employee actions. With 80% of breaches linked to staff, Sharp offers a robust training program, including AI integration, tailored simulations, and compliance alignment. Benefit from European language support, unique pricing, and flexibility for business.

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What are Email Security Services?

Protect your digital communications with Email Security Services. Protecting and securing email communications, accounts, and services from unauthorised access or compromise.

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