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Sharp A4 Range

Our A4 devices are ideal for the workplace of today. Featuring strong connectivity and robust security, they print, copy, scan, fax, and file what you need, when you need it.

The right size, the right experience, the right time

Businesses are reconfiguring their space to adapt to their needs. As a result, equipment – such as printers – may no longer be used in the same way.

For example, hybrid working has meant many businesses have downsized their office space – meaning their departmental multi-function printers and photocopiers (MFPs) are sometimes under-utilised. Others may find changing business outputs come with different printing needs.

From one-off posters to everyday invoices, businesses should consider what they really use their printers for. Because switching up your office space means thinking more about how to get the right experience, at the right time.

Our range of devices includes new and improved A4 printers. Their compact size is more suited to slot in around your office, maximising available space and complementing any existing A3 models you have. Same intuitive functionality. Same robust security features. Smaller size.

However, for some businesses, our A3 MFPs are more suitable. Offering unrivalled print quality and excellent all-round functionality, our latest MFPs are ideal for businesses looking to boost productivity. If you’re interested in exploring how these devices could work in your space, take a look at our latest generation models

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Think you know A4? Think again.

Meet the new A4 range from Sharp that flexes with your business needs.


Reliable connectivity

Our new A4 range comes with strong connectivity. Thanks to the built-in Microsoft Teams connector, you can access, share, scan, and print data from Microsoft Teams, Google, and SharePoint channels – all without any additional software. For added convenience, our mobile app enables contactless and remote printing. And Bluetooth connectivity means you can pair your smartphone to the printers, view your address book on the control panel, and send documents to your contacts.

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Strong security

From user-centric security features such as access control to intrusion detection, self-healing firmware, and Bitdefender anti-malware monitoring, our A4 range has security embedded. BIOS-based security, whitelisting, and Trusted Platform Module mean that users can be confident that their sensitive data and documents are always kept safe and secure.

Plus, to reduce your IT team’s workload, our security updates are automatic and easy to integrate with your broader data security strategies – so you can rest assured your devices are secure.

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Boosted productivity

Designed to ensure maximum productivity with minimum effort, our A4 devices include a control panel with an ultra-responsive touchscreen display. They also include smart scanning options that can maximise scan speeds.  

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Increased sustainability

Offering enhanced eco-performance, our A4 printers meet – and often exceed – national energy conservation regulations. And they have a low typical energy consumption value and offer an industry-leading level of standby power consumption with an energy-saving power-saving mode.

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How to article

How to find your perfect fit

Need a new office printer, but unsure which one to choose? The right printer can make a world of difference, and there’s a lot to consider. From space-saving solutions to usage-pattern analysis; our latest guide helps you get started. 

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