A man using a Dynabook laptop
A man using a Dynabook laptop

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Discover how to choose the ideal business laptop for your company or educational establishment. Read our essential guide.

IT and computing for everyone in business and education

Good people make good businesses. But without the right business laptops, they’ll never reach their full potential. The same goes for schools. Without quality tech, even the brightest students struggle to hit the heights they’re capable of. That’s where lightweight laptops for business and education come in.

Peak performance

Combining powerful processors and lightning-quick memory, Dynabook laptops cut through the weightiest workloads with ease. Whether it’s education apps or rendering a graphics-heavy business plan, make sure you choose a laptop with excellent multi-tasking capabilities. Look for multi-core processors and at least 8gb of memory, otherwise apps could run slowly.

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All-day battery

We know what it’s like working on the move – power sockets aren’t always within reach. That’s why you need long battery life to get you through the day and well into the next. Whether it’s our very best business laptop or an entry-level model, you’ll have the battery life to work all day with up to 16 hours of battery life on some models.

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Creativity encouraged

Creativity is a competitive edge. That’s true in both business and education. Our range of touchscreen laptops can help bring out your artistry – simply flip or detach the high resolution display, and you can write naturally with a stylus on the highly responsive touchscreen display.

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Dependable connectivity

Whether you’re in the office, classroom, or working from home, connectivity is key. Our line-up of laptops for school and education, just like our business laptops, never compromise on secure high-speed, reliable connections. The addition of USB-C brings charging, screen-sharing, transferring data, and enjoying a selection of other accessories all at once.

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Portability is a priority

Portability is in Dynabook’s DNA. Lightweight with a sleek design, they’re ideal for working on the move. And we never stint on sturdiness. Reinforced joints, rubber bumpers, spill-resistant keyboards – our lightweight laptops are built to last.

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Security first

Small business laptops. Big business laptops. Education laptops. When it comes to security, we don’t see a difference. High-level encryption and biometric access options feature across our range of business laptops and education laptops, because the safety of your data comes first.    

man working at computer