Black & White Photocopiers

Durable and efficient office essential

The black & white photocopier has long been an essential part of the office floor, probably only second to the water cooler. 

Referred to as black & white, or mono, it only uses one toner cartridge (black) to produce black & white, or monochrome, copies. Technical simplicity at its best. However todays photocopiers or multifunctional devices do more than simply copy your documents. 

These multifunction devices or all-in-one printers can also print, scan and fax - even on entry-level machines. The more advanced devices can digitise your paper workflow, not only scanning your documents but enabling scan to email functionality - so you can securely send information digitally from paper original to recipient quickly and improve collaboration as a result.


Do you need colour printing?

Offices use A3 black & white photocopiers mainly for text-heavy documents such as invoices, purchase orders, worksheets and internal documents. Use a colour photocopier for printing brochures, flyers and other highly vibrant marketing materials.   

Black & white A4 and A3 photocopiers are a highly effective solution for copying in nearly all businesses. Assess the needs of your business and purchase a device to suit your preferences, considering demand and supplies as you do so to ensure you find the right solutions for you. 

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A genuine office essential

There are models and machines to suit every business and office demand, from desktop photocopiers for low-volume work to the high-capacity A3 black & white photocopiers. There are various capacities to choose from, with some printing up to 120 pages per minute (ppm) and scanning at speeds of up to 200 originals per minute - perfect for large departments and busy office floors, and light production photocopiers for print room environments.  


Protecting your information

All-in-one printers can be equipped with a hard drive or SSD that stores all prints, scans and copies but did you know anyone can hack an unprotected device? To protect sensitive company data, many all-in-one printers now offer a range of enhanced security as standard or optional extras, including; 

  • S/MIME encryption to prevent interception during email transmission 
  • program execution control using whitelisting 
  • self-healing firmware for backing up settings and aiding recovery in the event of an attack 
  • audit trail logging and more... 

Finally, with optional extras such as hole punching, stapling, booklet making and finishing at your fingertips, you have a cost-effective machine that can do it all. 

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Have you considered Print Management Software?

It’s not just for the big corporations. With the addition of Print Management Software, you can implement rules that enforce two-sided printing only or restrict specific functions to certain departments, for example. In addition, to help increase document security, users must authenticate themselves before accessing the device or retrieving their print jobs. 

With the flexibility of print management software, you can scale its use in alignment with your growth and activity, meaning you can tailor your office photocopier to your requirements. 

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