Silhouettes of people working
Silhouettes of people working

Executive Team

The Sharp Executive team are leading experts in technological innovation, product development, operational performance, customer experience, resource management and all other areas that are essential to running a modern, dynamic and progressive workplace.

Meet the Sharp Executive Team

Find out more about Sharp's European leadership team.

Rob Tung

Rob Tung


Rob is a Master of Computer Science and has worked in the IT & Consumer electronics industry for 25 years.  He is responsible for driving profits and growth across Sharp Europe as well as ensuring that Sharp’s philosophy is communicated throughout Europe, so everyone can enjoy the truth, goodness and beauty of technology in life.    



Yoichi Tomota

Vice President

Yoichi has worked at Sharp for over 26 years, with 9 years in Sharp’s overseas subsidiaries in the UK and China. He is responsible for determining Sharp’s European B2B business direction and targets, and accelerating business performance and activities across all the relevant European business operations. 



Alexander Hermann

President, Information Systems 

Since 2004, Alex has been responsible for country, regions and all of Sharp’s European B2B Sales subsidiaries.  He is now working to transform Sharp’s operation from a hardware and service supplier to a provider of advanced solutions and services for the future workplace; supported by significant investments into the acquisitions of IT-Service companies and Sharp’s widening portfolio of technologies. 

Executive Team - Shared Services and Information Systems

Find out more about Sharp's leaders in Information Systems, Shared Services and Product marketing.


Seitaro Nomura

President of Shared Services 

Having qualified as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), in Washington, USA, Seitaro has spent the last 20 years working at Sharp, of which over 15 years have been in Sharp’s overseas subsidiaries in Singapore, USA and the UK. His current role includes responsibility for pursuing operational efficiencies to offer added value to customers, with Sharp’s guiding principle of “Sincerity and Creativity” always in mind. 

Kazushi Oshima

Kazushi Oshima

Vice President, Information Systems

Kazushi is responsible for Sharp’s European Business Planning. This includes mid-term planning, product strategy, mergers & acquisitions strategy, business transformation, fiscal year budget, profit control, and operation optimisation. 

Jason C

Jason Cort

Director Product Planning and Marketing 

Jason's role in Sharp’s B2B transformation involves the bringing together of Sharp’s corporate B2B vision, European markets and business objectives to help shape the overall business direction and strategy, and translating these into new products, services, organisations, digital platforms and marketing communications. 

Executive Team - Legal, IT and HR

Discover more about our heads of Legal, IT and HR.

R Bloom

Richard Bloom

Head of Legal and Company Secretary 

Richard is responsible for the legal and compliance aspects of Sharp’s operations in Europe, and is supported by a team of legal and compliance professionals, including a dedicated data protection team. The legal team’s objective is to provide best practise to all Sharp’s legal and compliance matters whilst maintaining a pragmatic, commercial approach. 

Dirk H

Dirk Hennings

General Director of European IT Centre 

Dirk is responsible for ensuring that all of Sharp’s users in Europe enjoy their IT services in a cost efficient and secure way – end to end. In addition, he is tasked with the development and provision of innovative, new IT services that enable Sharp’s customers to drive their business growth and achieve maximum business benefits. 

Phil H

Phil Herbert

Vice President, Human Resources 

With over 20 years’ international HR experience, Phil leads the HR function across Sharp Europe. His key focus is to ensure that Sharp has the necessary HR policies & processes in place to enable it to attract, develop & retain the necessary talent in order for  Sharp to deliver against strategic objectives.  


Executive Team - Business Units

Meet Sharp's heads of IT Services, Energy Solutions and Visual Solutions.

Colin B

Colin Blumenthal

Vice President, IT Services 

Colin is responsible for the growth of Sharp’s IT Services division in Europe. An important part of his role is to ensure that Sharp’s IT products and services always meets the changing needs of Sharp’s customers and that Sharp select the best of breed client technologies to help deliver maximum value to customers. 


Peter Thiele

Peter Thiele

President, Sharp Energy Solutions 

Peter is responsible for the success of the Sharp Energy Solutions Europe (SESE) division in the EMEA region. In particular, he establishes the short and long-term goals, plans, and strategies necessary to ensure that Sharp’s services always meet and exceed clients' expectations. He also oversees the SESE’s operations and resources, presiding over the entire workforce, managing budgets and ensuring that resources are allocated properly. 

Ian B

Ian Barnard

SVP Marketing & Product Management, Sharp NEC Display Solutions

Ian leads all marketing functions, including product management, branding and communications, across the Sharp NEC Display Solutions business, to ensure they support the company’s unique value proposition, growth projections and budgets.  He is also responsible for defining and executing marketing strategies to support the company’s overall business objectives, setting the strategy for the growing product and solutions portfolio and supporting strategic Partner alliances across EMEA.