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Learn About AV Equipment

Innovative and powerful AV technology that's essential for everyday life.

What is AV equipment?

AV equipment, or audio visual equipment, is the combination of sight and sound in tech systems, bringing to life anything from the conference call to transport arrivals and departures. The world demands these capabilities in our digital age, now more than ever. 

Why is AV essential?

Found in premises ranging from schools and hospitals to small enterprises, shopping centres and large global businesses, AV equipment is critical to effective communication and collaboration. 

Interactive AV allows people to connect, meet and work with each other in real-time, with enhanced video conferencing and interactive displays, touch screens, and whiteboards.  

And it’s not just businesses that benefit. Hospitals and medical centres can display up-to-date information onwards, bed availability and doctors’ waiting times with digital signage displays. School and educational establishments can teach, inspire and assess with ease, with interactive presentation functionality and educational gaming with interactive touch screen tables.  

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Helpful communications with a strong impact

You can find everyday essential AV, such as digital signage, ePapers, and video walls in; 

  • Reception and waiting areas 
  • Transport hubs 
  • Retail spaces 
  • Design studios 
  • Healthcare and educational facilities 
  • Corporate buildings  
  • and more - delivering information, directions and critical messaging for countless purposes. 

For marketing campaigns to reach the masses with vivid imagery and quality sound, a video wall in a shopping district is an ideal digital solution with options available for 24/7 displays, UHD, 4K and even 8K displays.  


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What AV do you need?

Quality AV equipment allows for multiple options and configurations and comes in a range of sizes to meet your needs and budget. From small and compact and to impactful video walls, there is a solution for you. 

When looking at the best display option for you, consider; 

  • Size - What are you displaying and where? Data-heavy text will be harder to see on a video wall, and a compelling campaign may get lost in translation on a tiny screen... 
  • Connectivity - With multiple ports and inputs, WiFi requirements and mobile technologies, ensure you have the correct setup to connect your display 
  • Interactive or touch technology - does your content need it? Will you get a better ROI with it? Interactive whiteboard or display?  
  • Operating hours - Do you need 24/7 capability? If so, commercial-grade, high-quality AV is recommended. 

There is AV equipment to suit every need, with various ranges to suit budgets and requirements across all industry sectors. Explore our AV equipment as well as AV software and accessories to find your perfect solution. 

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