Office workers working at desk and an informal meeting
Office workers working at desk and an informal meeting

Learn About Document & Print Management Software

Enhance document workflows and supercharge efficiency with document & print management software. Enjoy easy scanning, printing and better security across all your devices.

Transform the way you work

Whether you run a small workgroup, a busy department or a sophisticated print room, every workplace needs printers and photocopiers.  

As much as your company may embrace the cloud or work in digital, sometimes a hard copy of your important documents is essential. But did you know that they can do even more when they’re used alongside document & print management software? 

These advanced software solutions can improve every stage of document management including document control, workflow management, secure storage, scanning and more – bringing better workflows, greater efficiency and lower costs. 

Manage your entire printer fleet

Whether your company has one printer or hundreds, device management can ensure that they are always running efficiently. A central management console shows you what every printer is doing, who it’s being used by and when. You’ll never have to guess how well your printers are running.  

You can also cut down on misuse by setting printing rules, restricting user access, limiting printed pages and requesting user authorisation for document retrieval. Print management empowers teams with better visibility which means better security, better usability and better efficiencies for everyone.  

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Cut down on waste

With structured print management, you can reduce costs when it comes to unnecessary and unauthorised printing. This can not only help your team meet its environmental policy goals but can also create better document workflow through document capture and digital distribution.

Using automation and rules, your document is where it needs to be in just a few button taps. For example, finance teams can scan invoices and have them automatically saved to the right folder.  

Three office workers working at desks

Save time and money

Sometimes documents go missing or get stored in the wrong place, but with document capture and document management software, they’ll always be where they should be. Document capture streamlines workflows: as soon as a document is scanned, it can be routed to the teams that need it most. The result? Cutting down on hours of file naming, sorting, sending and uploading.  

And because the software indexes both meta-tags and document contents, you can quickly and easily find precisely what you’re looking for. Document capture can even send scanned documents as password-protected PDFs, right from your device. 

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Boost security and compliance

Protect your print, scan and copy environments with document capture and device management software that creates a fully auditable trail. By creating a robust document workflow, you give greater peace of mind – not only to your own team, but to clients and stakeholders alike.  

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