Office workers in a modern co-working office space
Office workers in a modern co-working office space

Workplace Solutions

Collaborate in meetings and manage occupancy conveniently with innovative technology designed to create a smarter workplace.

Innovation for smarter working environments

The future is now - with hybrid and agile working no longer a rarely gifted work perk, the smart office is already here, and Sharp has the technology to help businesses hit the ground running. Our smart workplace solutions are designed to create an environment of productivity and creativity through easy collaboration in meetings or management of the day-to-day running of the business.  

Increase visitor safety, improve occupancy management of the hybrid workplace and simplify the operation of technology while shortening the journey time to get data and information where it needs to be - all from an app on your phone. 

Synappx™ Services

We expect technology to work straight away and don’t want to waste time on connectivity issues that can impact collaboration, particularly when remote and decentralised working is commonplace.  

To serve increasingly more remote and agile working, Sharp’s Synappx™ Services are a platform of intelligent apps and connectivity tools designed to work with your existing technology and help you work and communicate with your teams quickly and easily.

People clapping in a meeting room with an on-screen presentation and printer in the background

Visitor Management

With busy reception areas, waiting rooms and multiple entrances and exits to manage, it can be a challenge to keep track of who is passing through your premises and uphold a high-level duty of care to those that do. 

Our Visitor Management system is an intelligent, secure and user-friendly platform designed to manage employee, guest and contractor registration and safety, on or off-site. 

Not only does it free up more time for front desk staff, crucially it helps create a safer, more secure, more compliant, and more efficient working environment to protect the people and places that power your organisation.