Desktop Printers

Do more from your desk

If you're looking for fast and convenient printing from the comfort of your desk, small desktop printers pack big features in a small footprint. They’re typically available as A4 black & white printers or A4 colour printers.  

First, let’s get our terminology correct: a 'printer’ refers to a single-purpose device that prints documents and nothing more. However, an ‘all-in-one printer’ (also known as multifunction printers, or MFPs), adds scanning, photocopying, faxing. Some devices even allow you to scan directly to email, shortening workflows and saving time.  

A desktop printer is a powerful tool for any team, from Finance to HR. But sometimes you need a printer to be more than a printer. All-in-one printers have the features you need.  

All-in-one printers, as well as single function printers, are available with additional accessories that offer extra paper capacity and transform them into floor-standing units.


Should you be looking at desktop printers?

A desktop printer is an ideal choice if your print volumes are low, space is limited, or for small teams with specific requirements (they only need to print). When choosing a desktop printer, make sure you look out for:  

  • Print speed - Faster prints mean less time waiting.  
  • Paper capacity - Higher capacity means fewer stoppages to load paper, but may add size and weight to the printer, making it a floor-standing machine. Additional paper drawers can be added at any time.  So, a desktop printer may be sufficient to begin with, and as your printing requirements increase, you can add extra paper capacity when you need it.  
  • Print management software - Can your printer be managed and controlled as part of your wider print fleet? 
  • Wireless features - If you want your people to print from their smartphones or tablets, wireless desktop printers or all-in-ones/MFPs are a great option.  
  • Colour or black & white - Whether you need a classic A4 black & white printer for text documents or an A4 colour printer for vibrant, high-quality imagery and branding, desktop printer options offer both.  
Business meeting in modern office with desktop printer in background

Larger format A3 printing?

For larger or more complex documents, such as technical drawings or spreadsheets, A3 black & white printers or A3 colour printers deliver the larger format prints you need – but make sure you have the space for these larger devices, as these are generally too large and heavy for a desk. 

BP-70M65 product image

Keep your printer secure

Printers can be hacked, just like computers. So make sure you choose a printer with solid security features. Look out for:  

  • Self-healing firmware - The best printers include self-healing software to makes sure it remains as secure as possible.  
  • Whitelisting - To prevent any unauthorised use, some printers only grant access to applications that are on an approved whitelist.  
  • Encryption - The most secure printers use military-grade Protection Profile for Hardcopy Devices (HCD-PP v1.0), and SSL/TLS Certificate Validation.  
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