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Register and track visitors to your business safely and effectively with Visitor Management.

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What is Visitor Management?

When businesses don’t have a reception or even basic visitor sign-in to welcome guests and monitor who is coming and going, safety in the workplace can be compromised - potentially putting employees at risk.

Visitor Management enables companies to register and track visitors to their premises and at off-site locations.

As most businesses welcome guests in some capacity, usually a mix of suppliers, clients, contract employees and permanent staff, identifying who is on-site, when, and where is crucial for identification purposes and in cases of fire, emergency, and major incidents. 



Protect the people and places that power your organisation

Ensuring visitor safety and security is a critical part of any business. Employees and visitors must feel protected at work.


Visitor Registration

Using visitor management software including touchless sign-in allows businesses to register visitors digitally. 

The system will store their data for the visit, including - name, who they are visiting, company name, date and time. Intelligent software automatically emails the person the visitor has come to see with all their details and photo identification to ensure further they are meant to be there - it helps prepare for the meeting too. In addition, the system can inform visitors of company safety policies and guidelines. 

With no waiting around for the receptionist to get off the phone to sign visitors in and then someone to collect them from reception, visitor management saves time and effort for everyone.  As part of a fully integrated suite of Visitor Management software, our solutions also includes our fully mobile Visitor Management App - WoLMobile.

By investing in smart technology, you can impress visitors with a smooth and timely check-in while lowering operational costs allowing staff to get on with more productive tasks. 

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Track & Trace

Major incident and pandemic procedures benefit greatly from visitor management software, eliminating much of the manual work required to account for everyone in the building, even a fire drill. The information is accurate with reliable track and trace, and as the systems are easy to use, visitors are more likely to sign out.  

You can also reduce the number of touch points by asking employees and service providers to sign-in using their smartphone with WolMobile, Sharp’s most innovative visitor management mobile app yet.

Available for download on all smartphones, WolMobile is an entirely remote communication tool helping businesses and employees to communicate with ease, whenever and wherever they need to; 

  • Automatic, location-based sign-in 
  • Important notices - hazards, intruder alerts, notices 
  • Instant SOS alerts - instant contact with nominated safety contacts at the touch of a button 
  • Expected finish time - contact at-risk employees and service providers if they’re running overtime. 
  • Sign-in remotely - remote workers can sign in with their geo-location, keeping at-risk workers safe and nominated safety contacts up to speed 
  • Follow me - at-risk workers or those working remotely or alone can feel safe using Follow Me to track their location, either by geolocation or continuous follow 

Sharp offers a fully integrated suite of visitor management software. Learn more about the WoLMobile visitor managment app and automated visitor sign-in services. 

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