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About Sharp

Sharp Europe is part of Sharp Corporation, a global technology company renowned for its expertise in both B2B and consumer innovation.

Built on innovation

Since our founding in 1912, Sharp Corporation has continuously innovated with original products, from the "Ever-Sharp" mechanical pencils, to the world's first LCD electronic calculators, the first ever copier and range of 8k professional displays. 

Right from the very beginning, Sharp has been driven by originality, starting with our founder Tokuji Hayakawa and his spirit of sincerity and creativity.  It’s the force that still drives us today. 

We bring to life new solutions that create a new way of living, thinking and being. But it is not the technology that drives us – it is how the technology helps make life better for you and for everyone.  

Sharp's founder Tokuji Hayakawa

Sharp today

Today, Sharp Electronics is dedicated to improving people's lives both at work and at home, through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and a commitment to innovation, quality, value, and design.  

The results are, one-of-a-kind Sharp products and solutions – true to our motto, “We make products that others want to imitate!”  

We create inspirational and innovative solutions that let you be you and help businesses create the workplace of the future.

Office workers using PCs at desks

Focused on Europe

Sharp Europe is part of Sharp Corporation, a global technology company employing over 46,000 people worldwide and an expert in both business to business and consumer innovation. We have three business units in major cities, 17 sales offices, and four manufacturing facilities across Europe. 

We aim to enable businesses and organisations of all sizes across Europe to enhance their performance and adapt for their workplaces of the future through a range of business technology products and services.  

Our business products range from printers; from desktop, through MFPs to production class; to interactive and display screens based on the world’s most advanced flat-screen display technology; to laptops, and other innovative products and solutions.   

Sharp’s European IT Services division also provides a sophisticated suite of integrated solutions and managed services for the workplace, supporting a rapidly expanding base of national and multi-national customers with various IT Services.   

Map of Sharp locations in Europe

Looking forward

For 60 years Sharp has been one of the world's largest photovoltaic manufacturers, offering solar modules for the environmentally conscious energy production. To date, Sharp Solar Services has delivered more than 50 million PV modules worldwide. 

As a manufacturer and a service provider, Sharp is uniquely positioned to provide trusted advice and assurance to customers on how technology can work together seamlessly.  

Sharp is investing in, and leading the industry in, new areas of technology products and services that help deliver the workplace of the future across Europe.  

PV Solar power plant with technician on a laptop in the foreground