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Smart business solutions for the modern workplace

Innovative products & services to enable the future of work.

Sharp understand people define the shape of tomorrow's workplace and are at the centre of our purpose for developing future technology. We design our range of business technology products and services to enable businesses and organisations, small to large, enhance performance and adapt for their workplaces of the future.

Explore our extensive range of business products and services across a wide range of Printers & Photocopiers, Audio Visual solutions for communication and collaboration, IT & Computing equipment, solar energy solutions and solutions for future workplaces.

Printers & Photocopiers

Sharp is celebrating 50 years in the printing industry as it marks the release of its first copier to market, the SF-201, in January 1972.

Sharp now produces an ever-evolving range of printers and photocopiers, required for so many workflows that drive productivity across every industry. 

We have the device to suit you, from compact and affordable desktop printers for the home or small office, to powerful multi-functional, all-in-one printers for larger offices and light production printers for modern print rooms. Each device can be complemented by our document & print management software to enhance productivity and deliver a superior return on investment.

And with our document & printing services you have access to the expertise and tools you need to reduce the cost of printing and copying, empower employee productivity, protect your information and manage your printer fleet and supplies more efficiently.

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Audio Visual

Communication and collaboration in the digital age have become ever-more reliant on intelligent audio visual solutions, from digital signage to video conferencing.

Sharp manufactures the world’s most advanced flat screen display technology and our interactive displays, digital signage and video walls help you increase engagement, boost productivity and enrich communication in reception areas and retail outlets, to classrooms and boardrooms. 

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IT & Computing

Our comprehensive and varied range of business laptops deliver the professional power, performance and portability that need. Choose from our range of laptops and select the device that's right for you.

Ensure your technology is in safe hands. Our IT Services provide a flexible way to enjoy 24/7 peace of mind, leaving you free to focus on driving your business forward. We actively monitor your systems, whether on premise or in the cloud, take care of cyber security and ensure backups are regularly performed. And importantly, our expertise means we can spot and fix even little problems before they become big ones.

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Solar Energy

Providing solar energy solutions has been Sharp’s core competence for more than 60 years and has delivered more than 50 million cutting edge PV (photovoltaic) panels, meeting the needs of thousands of solar energy customers.

Our high-performance solar modules are built for residential and commercial rooftops as well as free-field installations and we are dedicated to providing the right PV panels for you.

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Workplace Solutions

Forward thinking businesses seeking to create more flexible workplaces that support hybrid working are engaging with Sharp as their ideal partner with the right technologies and solutions, to help move towards a new future of work.

Our innovative solutions promote productivity and creativity through easy collaboration in meetings while our visitor management system lets you increase visitor safety and improve occupancy management of the hybrid workplace - all designed to create smarter workplaces of the future.

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