An image of an office
An image of an office

Solutions by Environment

Sharp offers innovative solutions and services for applications across all types of organisation, including specific solutions by environment.

Whether you're a small independent start-up, an established small or medium-sized business or a large national corporate, we understand that you need technology that you can count on. And that suits the particular challenges and needs of the vertical markets you operate in.

That's why Sharp technologies are designed for applications across all type of organisations, as well as specific business environments, such as an office, classroommeeting room or reception.

Solutions by Environment


Solutions for Office Environments

Productivity, efficiency and collaboration are common requirements for any office environment. So, from managed print services to AV solutions, we select and deliver all of our solutions with this in mind. It means you can have complete confidence that your investment in technology will always deliver the maximum return – right from the start. 

For example, our document workflow solutions are designed to speed up administrative tasks in your back-office functions, saving time and increasing productivity, and we offer a wide range of AV solutions for meeting rooms and signage applications that ensure that information is always communicated clearly and effectively. 

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Solutions for Meeting Room Environments

Meeting rooms can be used for many purposes, from formal presentations to ad-hoc brainstorming. So they should be set up in a way that provides the flexibility needed to ensure people can work as productively as possible. Deploying the right AV tools in the right way will ensure that you can always create the right environment to get the maximum value from the time that everyone spends in meetings. 

At Sharp, we understand the challenges that meetings can present, particularly when involving multiple stakeholders. Our collaborative meeting solutions help transform the way you share and communicate information in a wide variety of meeting room environments. 

Five people in meeting room with windows collaboration display from Sharp


Solutions for Classroom Environments

Sharp has decades of experience in providing technology to all learning stages in different educational establishments, including nurseries, schools, universities, and training centres. 

We aim to make technology more accessible to students, and easier for teachers to use. Our range of interactive displays transform lessons with engaging content, helping teachers and students of all ages to thrive in their classroom or learning environment. 

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Solutions for Reception Environments

The reception area of a business is both its visible face and also a vital information hub for visitors and employees alike. Everyone passes through it, so it offers a unique opportunity to collaborate and communicate.

At Sharp we recognise the unique opportunities that reception areas and waiting rooms offer to make a positive impression and share information effectively with both visitors and employees. We can provide a range of AV equipment and workplace solutions that help you streamline the visitor registration process and inform and educate anyone passing through the reception area.

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Why choose Sharp as your technology partner?

We appreciate that the needs of your business are unique, and often evolving. So, our dedicated and highly experienced consultants will work closely with you to understand your objectives and design a solution that works for you and your team, both now and in the years to come. 

We have been designing innovative, industry-leading solutions, including award-winning products and technologies, for many years (see more by topic). And we have decades of experience spanning across every industry, company size and business environment. 

For a personal service and high-quality AV Solutions and Managed Print Services from a trusted global brand, you can count on Sharp.