Sharp’s European Technology Support Centre (ETSC) goes beyond IT services

Sharp’s European Technology Support Centre (ETSC) Goes Beyond IT Services

Sharp’s European Technology Support Centre (ETSC) is more than just IT services. It’s a critical IT partner for our clients, a division that can help to save time and money on IT, keep services running efficiently and ensure security. Read on to find out more about how our ETSC team can make a difference to your organisation. 

The Sharp European Technology Support Centre takes IT services to the next level. Our cutting-edge IT support centre is based in Warsaw, Poland, and provides a 24/7 support helpdesk for IT Services. We’re also on hand to support our clients across Europe, aiding English, German and Polish speaking customers, with support for additional European languages in the pipeline.

The aim of the ETSC is to be highly responsive to customer needs, providing the highest possible level of service for our clients. Because of the ETSC’s wide array of resources, we have access to the right tools, enabling us to deliver a more comprehensive service than many smaller and more regional IT Service providers. 

Being an IT partner for our clients means we are there for far more than just fixes and support. We are there to show innovation around how IT can improve businesses, along with highlighting how our clients can make better use of IT.

The modern helpdesk is reactive by nature, but while our competitors tend to focus on fixing issues as they arise, our services build in a proactive element by design, including proactive remote management and monitoring, making it possible to identify issues before problems arise, enabling our clients to work smarter and safer.

What Happens When Your IT Stops Working?

The wide range of support on offer from Sharp’s European Technology Support Centre can make a huge difference to any organisation. Piotr Sucharski, Head of the European Technology Support Centre, explains: “Having one point of contact keeps things simple, while our hands-on approach to fixing IT issues means you’ll be back up and running sooner.”

We offer 24/7 support, regardless of location, ensuring that if things do go wrong, you don’t need to worry. Our IT Helpdesk removes the stress, sorting issues with minimal fuss. Comprehensive support from ETSC also means we can provide a single point of contact even if your business has offices in more than one country.

Save Time and Money on Your IT

Our ETSC also delivers plenty of other benefits for your business, such as making it easier to get the most out of the technology at your disposal. Weronica Grabowska, an IT Support Analyst at ETSC, explains: “We make migrating to the cloud with Microsoft 365 simple and straightforward, ensuring that you can take advantage of Exchange, Teams, OneDrive and Sharepoint without unnecessary disruption, expense and resource planning.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty of other ways that ETSC IT Consultancy can make a difference to your organisation, such as adding flexibility using cloud-based applications, enabling employees to work remotely and securely wherever they are in the world.

Sharp also provides services to back up Microsoft data as standard, minimising the risk of losing valuable information because of ransomware, viruses or even just simple user error. That way, you know your business is in safe hands, and you have the freedom and flexibility to scale up according to your needs. 

How Secure is Your IT?

Security is another key area where Sharp and ETSC can help, putting the right IT security systems in place to keep your business protected, wherever your employees are working. Layered security offerings from Sharp protect against zero-day threats, malware, and ransomware, helping you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and ensuring your business is always safe and secure.

Thanks to ETSC, Sharp can also provide additional security around the clock. Paulo Moreira, ETSC Security Specialist, adds: “Cybercriminals don’t work office hours, neither do we. Our Cyber Security Operations Centre works around the clock detecting threats and stopping them in their tracks – giving you total peace of mind.”

Sharp’s European Technology Support Centre uses market-leading technologies to deliver our services, as part of a range of comprehensive IT Support, Helpdesk, Solutions, Consultancy, and Computing solutions. Together, these are designed to ensure our clients get the best performance while maintaining reliability across all business requirements.

If you would like to know more about how the Sharp European Technology Support Centre can help your business grow and succeed, Get In Touch.