Interactive Displays

When it comes to interactive display screens, you need at least these two things: exceptional quality and effortless ease-of-use. Whether in a meeting room, in the studio, or in the classroom, our interactive display solutions give you a true Pen-on-Paper® experience which lets everyone use them naturally and intuitively.

There’s no tricky technology to learn – everyone can just walk up, reach out and start sharing. And that’s just the start. With sizes available from 43” all the way to 86”, anyone can connect to any of our interactive display solutions and view anything on them (including, text, graphics, photos, video and even hand-written notes). People can contribute directly from their tablets and other smart mobile devices. What’s more, they can contribute just as easily even if they are working in different rooms. 

Take a close look at our range of Sharp and Sharp / NEC interactive display solutions. 

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