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Business Cyber Security Solutions

Keep your valuable data, systems and people protected from a wide range of cyber security threats with Sharp Business Cyber Security Solutions. We are ready to deliver your cyber security strategy.

How can businesses fortify their defences against cyber attacks?

As organisations work more flexibly, with employees connecting from remote locations across the world and 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, effective cyber security has never been more critical. Protecting sensitive information on your employees’ mobile devices, and the systems and infrastructure that manage them, remains a top priority – especially as cyber threats become more devious and strategic. Even a temporary breach can result in stolen data, financial penalties, operational disruption and reputational damage. It’s a complex challenge, which demands a comprehensive solution.

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Additional business cyber security services we offer

Security Awareness Training

Sharp Security Awareness Training is a cutting-edge Business Cyber Security Service addressing the primary cyber threat – human actions. With 80% of breaches linked to staff, Sharp offers a robust training program, including AI integration, tailored simulations, and compliance alignment. Benefit from European language support, unique pricing, and flexibility for business.

IT & Cyber Security Consultancy

Develop and strengthen your Business Cyber Security strategy with our IT Consultancy customised to your specific needs.

Email Security

Protect your digital communications with Email Security. Protecting and securing email communications, accounts, and services from unauthorised access or compromise.

Why should your business adopt a proactive cyber security strategy?

Sharp can help you put the right tools and solutions in place to keep you protected, wherever and however your people are working.

We’ll safeguard your data, to minimise the risk of unauthorised parties accessing information they shouldn't or stealing it. We’ll actively monitor your business systems, whether they’re managed on premise or in the cloud. We’ll perform regular backups of your valuable information, so you’ll always have a copy if the worst should happen. And we’ll identify and stop any suspicious activity we notice, before it becomes a problem.

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How can our business cyber security solutions keep you ahead of evolving threats?

Threats are constantly changing, multiplying and evolving – and trying to identify and prevent them all can leave you frustrated and chasing your tail. However, an effective cyber security strategy can help keep you one step ahead. 

Sharp Business Cyber Security can support you with a holistic protection strategy for the full variety of threats, including viruses, malware, phishing, ransomware and other malicious attacks. We take care of everything and ensure your protection is always up to date, so there’s no need to devote precious time and money to training your people or employing security specialists. Just leave it to us.

We use market-leading technologies to deliver our services, as part of a range of comprehensive IT Services, Support, Helpdesk, Solutions, Consultancy and Computing, all designed to ensure you get the best performance while maintaining reliability in your business.

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Real World Security

Visit our resource hub

Explore Sharp’s Real World Security hub, a go-to resource for practical business cyber security insights. In an interconnected digital landscape, SMEs face increasing cyber threats. Leveraging research¹ insights from European SMEs, our hub offers valuable content to decode security risks, simplify complexities, and enhance protection. Discover top tips within the hub to fortify your business against cyber threats and build lasting cyber resilience. Stay switched on to security with Sharp.

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Are you prepared to avoid becoming another cyber victim?

In the ever-evolving landscape of business security, SMEs face a daunting challenge. Sharp's 2023 research¹, surveyed 5,770 IT decision-makers across 11 European countries, revealing a concerning reality – one third of businesses have fallen victim to computer virus attacks, with an equal number expressing heightened worry about IT security breaches compared to the previous year.

A third admitted to succumbing to phishing, malware, and data loss with the consequences extending beyond immediate disruptions, affecting profit, loyalty, and reputation. Shockingly, 59% of businesses haven't bolstered security training post-adoption of hybrid work models, leaving vulnerabilities unaddressed.

The statistics underline a grim scenario: cyber threats are on the rise, yet 56% of businesses won't increase their IT security budgets. The illusion of preparedness prevails, with 68% lacking confidence in managing risks effectively. Unfortunately, most businesses only discover they’ve been hacked once it’s too late. Act now, and fortify your business cyber security defences – the sooner you act, the better protected you will be.

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One third of businesses have fallen victim to phishing, viruses, malware, ransomware other malicious attacks causing data loss.

Why is business cyber security essential for your success?

In today's landscape, cyber security poses several challenges that make it difficult for businesses to decide whether to invest in it or not. Many businesses hold common misconceptions such as believing they are immune to cyber threats or that they lack the necessary budget. However, it's crucial to recognise that cyber security is a global priority that has never been more important.

The risks involved in cyber-attacks are substantial, directly impacting business continuity by causing data loss and reduced productivity. Moreover, these attacks come with a significant price tag.  According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the cost of cybercrime was predicted more than 7 trillion euros in 2023 and to grow to over 9 trillion euros by 2025.

Failing to comply with GDPR regulations can result in severe fines and consequences of non-compliance go far beyond financial penalties. Organisations must consider the potential for negative publicity and damage to their reputation and customer relationships.

Given the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats, with attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated, it is imperative for your business to be fully equipped to tackle the latest cyber risks. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your organisation is prepared to defend against these evolv

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What are effective strategies to defend against cyber threats?

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As cyber security threats continue to multiply and become ever more sophisticated, organisations of all sizes must remain vigilant and stay protected against emerging and potential risks. An effective, well-managed and evolving cyber security strategy is essential.

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¹ 2023 research conducted with 5770 Professionals within SMEs from the UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland and Belgium (IT Decision Makers and people who are responsible for purchasing IT within the company)