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Distributors and installers:
Are you a solar professional seeking to purchase Sharp solar panels? 
We sell Sharp solar panels to solar professionals – including distributors, installers (varies by territory), and project developers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

Fill out the form and register as a customer now so that you can conveniently purchase via our business to business solar energy shop anytime or directly via the sales team. In some territories we may not be able to offer direct sale to installer - in this case we will inform you from which distributor you can purchase our products. 

End customers:
Are you an end customer looking to buy solar panels? While direct purchases aren't available, we connect you with authorized installers in your area. They will provide tailored offers for your Sharp solar panel installation. 

Landowners and project developers:
Our project department is dedicated to developing solar parks in the free-field and on industrial roofs in Germany (from 10 hectares and above). If you wish to offer us areas for lease in Germany or are interested in selling or purchasing project rights, contact us using the form on this page, specifying "Project Development" as the type of inquiry.

If you have a technical question or need assistance please select "Technical Service" as your enquiry type. For other business related questions that don't involve a purchase you can select "other". 

Need more information?
Explore our solar panel overview and visit the solar energy homepage for detailed PV product information.

Interested in other Sharp products (non-solar)? 
Use the general contact form.

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