Lightweight Laptops

Work anywhere with our range of lightweight laptops, delivering powerful and efficient performance for work on the move.

Find your ideal business laptop today. Business laptops are the ultimate portable productivity drivers. But once upon a time, you had to make a choice: do you go for power or portability? Selecting a lightweight laptop meant sacrificing power. But not anymore. Now you can have both in one laptop – the power to handle your day-to-day work tasks, plus the portability to easily take it with you and head out a client meeting. Our lightweight laptops will have you equipped for success.

The best business laptop for work on the move

Our laptops have been designed with mobility in mind, delivering the performance you need, wherever you are. From morning meetings to working at home, lightweight laptops will ensure you can do it all – without the weight.  

A man using a phone and laptop

Performance for productivity

Our laptops are some of the best business laptops for combining powerful tech and lightweight design. Our business laptops deliver powerful performance when it comes to supporting your productivity – but just because they weigh less doesn’t mean they do less. Sharp offers a range of ultra-portable, ultra-durable laptops that may be light in build but are heavyweights when it comes to performance.

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Small on weight, big on choice

Sharp’s lightweight laptop range doesn’t compromise on elegance, security or versatility. Our laptops cover a variety of sizes and models to suit your work needs. Our high-performance, lightweight laptops mean you don't have to compromise on mobility or power. 

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