Small Business Laptops

Laptops designed for small businesses with big ambitions. Discover our small business laptops today for powerful performance at a great price. Give your people the tools they need to succeed. Small businesses need computers that meet the demanding needs of ambitious entrepreneurs. That’s why small business laptops should blend power, performance and price to deliver the very best business laptops available – a device for every worker.

Choose the right laptops for your small business

When choosing laptops for your small business, be sure to select laptops with the right size, weight and portability to keep business running smoothly when meeting clients and working in a home office. 

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What to look for when choosing small business laptops:

Portability and connectivity when on the move

Smaller laptops are easier to travel with but often come at the expense of power. The best business laptops combine both multitasking speed and all-day battery life. In addition, when your people are out at meetings or working remotely, it can be useful to include optional LTE connectivity for when Wi-Fi isn’t available.  

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Display size

From small and portable 13” screens to larger, heavier 15.6” screens, it can make all the difference when you’re carrying your laptop from meeting to meeting. Today’s high-resolution displays can fit a lot onto one screen. And when it comes to screen quality, be sure to choose a bright, low-glare screen that’s easy on the eye.


Carrying a heavy laptop around all day – or even around the office – is not ideal. Choose a laptop your people can pick up with ease and collaborate wherever they are. Ultra-thin and light laptops are very slim and easy to carry but less ideal for the most demanding tasks, like graphic design or video editing.  

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Running businesses applications and software

To run today’s always-on, resource dependent apps you need small business laptops with the right processors and memory.  

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Battery life

So your people can keep working wherever they are without worrying about battery life small business laptops offering more than 10 hours continuous operation offer a big advantage.  

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Connecting headsets, mice, network and more

For staff to connect peripherals, power, and transfer data all through a single port and cable choose laptops with USB-C. You’ll also need to consider standard USB-A ports and HDMI for connecting accessories and external displays. 

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Touchscreen displays

Touchscreen laptops give users a more intuitive way to interact with the device and stay productive. Choose from lightweight laptops featuring a touchscreen design, 2-in-1s with detachable touchscreens to transform them into a separate tablet device, or convertibles that flip the keyboard 180 degrees to become a touch-friendly tablet.   

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Building a small business can be a stressful time, with one eye constantly on the bottom line. Good laptops needn’t cost the earth, but make sure you buy from a high quality supplier.  

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Security features

Help keep your business data safer with biometric security features, such as fingerprint scanners and facial recognition. Not all laptops have them, so be sure your business laptops are secure. 

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