A woman using a laptop
A woman using a laptop

PC as a Service

Future-proof your IT Services with Sharp’s award-winning laptops on finance.

Quality business laptop leasing

Empower your people with the tools they need – now and in the future – with Sharp’s PC as a Service (PCaaS). We offer the best business laptops on finance through a simplified, affordable service, so you can focus on strategic priorities while keeping your people productive and secure.

Optimised IT at an optimised price

An outdated laptop can drastically hinder employee productivity. With our business laptop leasing  services, you can empower your people with access to the latest technology - all at a fixed, affordable, monthly price.

Tailored to you

Every business is unique, so we help you to design the ideal package for your needs. With a wide range of devices, software and laptop financing options, you can build a program that enhances profitability and employee productivity.

A woman using a computer

Management made easy

Managing a fleet of laptops can easily drain your IT personnel’s time and resources, so we do all the hard work for you.

From the very start, our expert team is on hand to support you in deploying and setting up your devices. Our proactive performance monitoring automatically checks each device throughout its lifecycle, so your IT team can focus on higher-value business tasks.

Plus, if there’s ever a problem, our predictive maintenance tools will identify any issues before they end up causing costly downtime. Then, when it’s time for an upgrade, we’ll dispose of your devices in a sustainable, secure way – and deliver the latest technology right to your office.

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Secure by design

We understand the importance of enterprise security. Our devices are built to keep your data, and business, safer.

Our Managed Critical Security solution provides 24/7 protection against cyberattacks, malicious malware, viruses and other threats. With automatic patching and industry-leading anti-virus software, you can feel confident that your devices are secure.

A man working on a laptop