How the Sharp MX-C528F and Sharp MX-C428F are Made for the Modern Workplace

How the Sharp MX-C528F and Sharp MX-C428F are Made for the Modern Workplace

The Sharp MX-C528F and Sharp MX-C428F A4 Colour MFPs go beyond a smaller footprint to offer seamless document productivity, enhanced security, and more – find out how. 

Print is a mature technology and its role in the office is well established. While in recent years there has been a move away from print for many it still plays an integral part of everyday business life. However, trends are changing, and the industry is seeing a shift away from A3 to the more compact A4 format. Whether for space limitation reasons, the need to have fewer size scan or print options, or simply a streamlining of hardware within the business, no one can deny that A4 is very much back on the agenda. 

To support this market, the Sharp MX-C528F and Sharp MX-C428F A4 colour MFPs (Multifunction Printer) have been launched specifically with busy business workgroups in mind. Both bring the power of Sharp’s award-winning A3 range to a smaller footprint, making them ideal for use in smaller or shared office spaces. 

The latest A4 MFPs offer businesses a high level of productivity. Offering speeds of up to 50ppm, enhanced productivity and robust security, the MX-C528F and MX-C428F also help businesses meet their environmental goals. 

Along with impressive print speeds, high-capacity paper and toner support means print runs can last longer between refreshes. Users looking to scan will find the single pass duplex document feeder faster than previous models, making for improved performance. What’s more, they also advance the capabilities of the A4 MFP market in a range of interest new ways. 

Sharp Security  

We at Sharp take security seriously. Whether in physical form or digitally, we ensure that both print and digital is safe and secure. The Sharp MX-C528F and MX-C428F both have the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) as an optional extra available to them. This hardware component provides a range of security features by storing hard drive encryption keys on a separate piece of hardware, other than where the data is stored, which adds more layers of protection. 

Additionally, SSL Certificate Validation automatically validates all third-party servers communicating with the Sharp MX-C528F and MX-C428F are safe, thereby preventing any unauthorised or malicious attempts to access information.

Advanced Functions and Features

Multifunction printers are increasingly being used as digital hubs within organisations. Key to this is seamless and smooth connectivity. Both the Sharp MX-C528F and MX-C428F offer businesses an unprecedented level of flexible connectivity. 

Users can access Cloud-based applications from the MFP, making it easier to access documents regardless of location, while those looking to print via their mobile device will find the range of mobile connectivity options easy to use, enabling fast and prompt printing from your phone to Sharp MFP. Similarly, wireless LAN connectivity is an optional extra that allows for wireless usage without compromising businesses’ security policy. 

Environmental Efficiency 

Organisations of all sizes increasingly place sustainability high on the agenda when buying new devices. We are proud to support such initiatives, which is why all our Future Workplace MFPs come with a robustly sustainable design offering energy savings, smart diagnostics, and minimised waste.

The Sharp MX-C528F and MX-C428F fit seamlessly into this traditional and have been designed to improve and support the environmental credentials of organisations. Both offer energy management features to reduce power consumption. 

Similarly, we meet all regulatory requirements across Europe assisting end users in the aim of meeting all their sustainability targets. 

If you would like to know more about the growing range of Sharp A4 MFPs, and what makes our next-generation of  Multifunction Printers better suited for the smarter work environment, please Get In Touch.